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Letters to EA: Treehugger Lisa and Monorail? 

Hi Tappers! Today’s Post is a debut of a new series called “Letters to EA”! (Sam came up with the idea, thanks for the idea and logo Sam 👍)

The Concept is that the post will be one of us “sending a letter to EA”, talking about our opinion on the latest event, what should be in the game, etc. So Here’s the First Installment! 

“Dear EA, thank you for the return of the Monorail. Even though I already had the Monorail from the original event, I got to get an item that I missed, and it makes me happy that newer players (Sam) can get the Monorail, as it is a good source of Donuts, and it’s great that newer players can enjoy it as a permanent addition starting at level 20. I just have one question, why doesn’t Treehugger Lisa have premium Monorail Payout? 

The World’s Largest Redwood is also permanent addition that unlocks at level 25, 

 that also permanently adds a character to the shop who earns premium Monorail payout, Jesse Grass 

You Need to Spend a lot of cash to upgrade the Redwood, so why doesn’t Treehugger Lisa come with any sort of benefit? It has freemium payout, so can’t the skin at least have premium Monorail payouts? I suggested this in a comment on a TSTO Addicts Post (I don’t remember which one sorry) then someone replied saying (What about the people who missed the Monorail Event?) Well, now that the Monorail is a permanent addition as well, it would be great if a few levels after you unlocked the Monorail, you unlocked another permanent addition, with 2 more characters to help you  with the Monorail (Treehugger Lisa and Jesse Grass) I hope you like my suggestion.”

So that was the first installment of the “Letters to EA” the series. Want to see more Posts like this? Comment Below! 

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  1. Yes, great idea! I’d go one step further and say that EA should do your suggestion with even more characters. One premium task at different places based on an earned skin or task. So, in other words, we need more quest-based aspirationals and more skins. Sure, some might just want them to earn premium plain and simple, but this seems like a fun version. I like a bit of variety in the game. 🙂

  2. Yep, buddy…it is intriguing… 🙂

  3. Remember what Alissa said! ThEAy rEAd everything. ..*looks around suspicious like*…:)

  4. Will these letters be really sent to EA ? It would be nice to be sent… :o)

    • We weren’t thinking of actually sending them. If EA happen to read this site, which is unlikely, then they will see them anyway.

      And it is hard to get in contact with EA directly but we can try
      Do you like the series then?

      • Maybe….maybe you should send them in. Sounds like a fun aspect to this series. Fun for the audience. Work for you. 😛

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