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May the Fourth and Star Wars References

First I want to start by saying …


Fun fact
Although today is a fun day for star wars fans! This is an entirely fan made event and has never been approved by LucasFilm™ so is not an official Star Wars day!

But today being a Star Wars (fan) day and the force awakens™ recently coming out on DVD (good movie – watch it if you haven’t) I thought I would do a FUN post on my favourite Star Wars References in the Simpsons!

Couch Gag

In the episode “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” The Simpsons used a star wars reference for the couch Gag:


Where’s that from

The couch Gag is a reference to an Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo gets frozen in Carbonite and The Simpsons get frozen in a similar way in the episodes Couch Gag.

Ralph and Star Wars


Ralph has made a numerous amount of Star Wars References throughout the season with one of my favourites with him saying “I’m a Star Wars” when Principal Skinner says that he won the costume contest
“I bent my Wookie” – Ralph Star Wars Quote

Mayored to the Mob


In this great episode we get a feature of our very own Luke Skywalker (voiced by Mark Hamill – actor of Luke)! He has some hilarious scenes including advertising and at the end a great musical number from Guys and Dolls:


Those are my favourites but there were plenty to choose from so here are some honourable mentions:






Hope you enjoyed the rundown of Star Wars References and my favourites! Did I miss any out? Doing anything special today? Which Star Wars was your favourite? Having a Star Wars marathon? Tell us in the comments and …


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