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Monorail is back! Takedown news

EA has answered my prayers! After, what seems like years of begging the Monorail is back! I missed the original event and I extremely regretted it. The takedown update brought this monorail reboot and a few extra changes. 

Read on to find out what changed with the takedown …


Takedown Status
Update is live on IOS, andriod and Amazon!

I will be constantly updating this post when I gather info and play through!

Takedown changes splashscreen and app icon back to the normal

Felons are available for NPCs. 

NPC information

There are 3 packs and each pack contains 2 felons with each pack costing 30 donuts

When you log in after the update:

Tech Felon: This is all your fault! All that muscle and you didn’t stop the boss getting taken down.

Brawn Felon: That laser cannon didn’t help either. Maybe you’d like me to shove it where…

System Message: looks like the Felons are at each other’s throats. Get them in store today and witness civil war at the Orphan Alley

Felon Pack 1

If you unlocked One Week Wonder films then you get Felon Pack 1 for FREE because obviously you worked hard to gain those felons as social prizes! If you didn’t then you can purchase the pack for 30 donuts

Felon Pack 2

Felon Pack 3

WARNING: They don’t wander but have an animation at alley! 

The Soilent Red factory now has loads of skins including versions of destroyed, restored and many skins featuring Pinchy! This update does not add pinchy into the game as an NPC in case any of you were to ask

And the Monorail returns with a new quest and returning items! Just a little fun update for new players, or players that missed the event, to gain the monorail!
Here are some more details …

The monorail is now permanent and all players, no matter when they join in the future, will have the chance to build and do the monorail questline after reaching Level 20. However if you already did that original event then you will see this dialogue:

Sebastian Cobb: Eureka!  I have figured a way to extend the Monorail into the mountain range.

Homer: It’s about time
Lisa: How did you manage to do it?  I can’t wait to find out what marvelous technology you’ve devised!

Sebastian Cobb: Yes…about that…

Lisa: You’re just going to pile up garbage to make a ramp aren’t you?

Screen message: Complete projects at the rail yard to earn tunnels to travel through the mountains

Screen pop-up:
Dilapidated Rail Yard

Congratultions on establishing your Monorail. You’ve unlocked a skin for the Rail Yard and some extra materials

And you will notice a new look the the project board and daily challenges, sorry I can’t get screenshots because I can’t update for some reason, but the project board works in the same way as usual:

You gain resources to get Monorail tracks as “prizes” but instead of donuts for the 5th prize you will get a Monorail Tunnel, a much requested item which makes the monorail able to go into Springfield Heights!

I will be back tomorrow, or soon depending on if the business calms down, to update this post and do more posts but for now! Happy tapping …

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