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My April Fool’s Ideas for TSTO

BOO!… Did I scare you? Nope? Well watch out today because you never know when a family or friend will do an unlikely stunt for the ultimate day of pranks.

APRIL FOOL TIPS: Don’t go to the toilet without checking for cling film, check your shampoo, smell the middle of the oreo for a toothpaste scent, check for ketchup replacing jam in doughnuts and don’t go sniffing people’s flowers 😁.

As mentioned in this post, I would LOVE TSTO to do something for April Fool’s whether it be adding a few items or doing a prank. Below are 5 ideas for pranks or items EA could add for April Fool’s. Enjoy …

#5: Andy Hamiltonย 
The episode “Pranks and Greens” was a modern episode of The Simpsons and was about Bart finding another pranker – the one who made Skinner go grumpy. It isn’t full of content ideas but I would love to get Andy Hamilton with either the pool of worms (obviously with a Skinner animated task) or his house.

#4: The End is Nigh!
This prank would have to be done right for it to be funny and because ending something (YouTube channel, game etc) is a classic and overused prank online I think it would need to be done as realistically as possible so an idea EA says that because the servers will be shut down so we get 2 free scratchers … the prank could escalate and you get a rubbish prize AND it looks like you’ve been charged (“Thank you for your $X purchase”) ~ I’d like a prank with multiple aspects ~ but in the end you obviously didn’t get charged and maybe EA can give us some free donuts or whatever.

#3: Doh!-nuts
For this idea to work there would need to be some kind of update going on at the time and on the day a load of items in the store. How would it work?…

After the player views the store and exits he gets loads of system messages like “Thank you for your purchase, you will find your purchases in your inventory” and it will minus the donuts. What would be even funnier is if the donut count could go into MINUS digits in the process (if the player didnt have enough donuts) and got a system message like “You’ve gone into minus digits meaning you are in debt. If you don’t pay us back that amount of donuts by tomorrow then your town will be wiped.” – yes, I’m a cruel cruel man. OBVIOUSLY, it’s just a prank and people would get to keep the items and all donuts would be paid back.

This prank does mean that EA would have to have a few items that they would be happy for us to have for free as a result of the prank.

#2: You got no friends!
This prank could be funny if done right. When the player goes to there neighbour screens it would display a message along the lines of … “Your town design was rated Unacceptable to be seen by other neighbours by EA officials so your friend list has been wiped for the safety of your ex-neighbors … Here’s a donut for your tragedy” … Not funny? Okay, what about?… “All of your neighbours have advanced to a higher level of event play then you. To save you of embarrassment we have wiped your friends list. You’re welcome!” 😂

#1: Wiped game!… Oops!
This one would terrify any tapper if they logged in to find a blank game! Do I need to explain anymore? Well … I think this one needs to be realistic. Something that could actually happen so it doesn’t seem like a prank but a mistake on your half.

You could log in and EA would go straight to an anonymous (blank) game and then you can’t log out, your log in details don’t work or on a system message with “Is this your account? If not, we’ll change the password for security” with two yes and no buttons but both buttons go to no.

I can’t remember which tapper but I remember reading a comment on TOuk, about my Annual Event ideas post, that they could have the nuke YES or NO stream of nuke system messages and even if the player taps NO it still advances to the next system message 😂

Everyone’s towns would obviously have been saved and it would all be revealed as a prank! 😎

I would love EA to do any of the above ideas for April Fool’s one year! Would you? Any ideas?

Before we go, just for fun … Do you have a friend with an iOS phone that uses iMessage? Save and send them the below image and see their frustration 😂 …

The result …

The person will think you’re typing 😂

Stay safe my secret agent skyfingers! Happy Tapping …

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  1. Yes you are a cruel man, but I love your ideas, well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Felicia Fancy

    April 1, 2017 at 9:18 am

    Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Great ideas Sam ๐Ÿ™‚
    Number 2 is my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I wish I had read this earlier. I agree with you. 2 is the best. Lol
      Would have loved to see EA do number 2……. Lmao. You are a mad genius.

  3. My idea on the nuke button ๐Ÿ˜€

    Boatload of donuts is free to buy today!

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