Whacking Day is back this year (2016) with a mini-update! New items in store (more on that in future posts) and a promo dialogue to do with “Simprovised”!

Login after 8:00 (BST) to autostart the mini-event with this dialogue and questline:

The Whack is Back Pt 1

Homer: …Whack…
Homer: …ing…
Homer: …day…
Homer: Whack…ing…Day…
Homer: Whacking Day!
Homer: Whacking-Day-Whacking-Day-Whacking-Day!!!
Homer: LISA!!!! Do you know what day is almost here?! I’ll give you a hint: it involves whacking, and it’s a day.
Lisa: Jeez, let me guess…
Lisa: Can we just skip our beloved family snake-bludgeoning festival this year? Look around! It’s Western times!
Lisa: Let’s just focus on the current theme! Can’t we lay off the animals, and just focus on gunning down our fellow human beings?
Homer: Not this year, Lisa! You tricked me out of Whacking Day for the last two years in a row.
Homer: Besides, I’m tired of battling humans in the streets. Humans are smart! Cold-brained reptiles are much easier to hunt!
Lisa: Fine. But no snake-whacking! We’re going to do this thing my way!

Task: Pat 5 Snakes to Sleep


The Whack is Back Pt 2

Homer: Lisa, if we just PAT the snakes, they’ll lose respect for us. And respect for humans is probably very important in snake culture. Can’t I whack just one?
Lisa: Can you just smack them around a little? That might not be too bad.
Homer: Well, it’s not as good as murder. Any idiot could see that. But I suppose it’s better than just leaving the snakes alone. Which would be AWFUL.

Task: Slap 5 Snakes Down

The Whack is Back Pt 3

Lisa: Dad, the snakes look miserable. Can’t we just leave them alone?
Homer: If you take getting whacked away from the snakes, they’ve got nothing. Everything you’re saying is incredibly selfish and inhumane.
Homer: Ugh, fine, I’ll stop. And I was just about to double whack a big one!
Homer: His head’s a little bumpy, but we’ll just put a hat on him and he’s good as new!
You’ll then have finished the questline and unlock a new character for FREE

Questline Reward:



There will also be a promo dialogue to promote “Simprovised”. Will be back soon with more info and item overviews! Happy Whacking…


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