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New Teaser: We’re going around the world … Very soon!

So EA have definitely liked to tease us recently and EA normally have a few ways to give us that little sneak peak for us secret Speculators to encode and have fun with:

1) App Store descriptions often leave some teaser questions.

2) EA’S official Facebook Teasers – I love these. Logging into Facebook and seeing an exciting image with a little teasing description is pure pleasure to this speculating tapper.

And VERY recently (quarter of an hour ago) I logged into Facebook and saw a little teaser that has confirmed some speculation of mine that I am saving for a bigger post. Here it is…

Want all the charm of international travel without ever having to take a bad passport photo? Get prepared for some global adventures from the comfort of your own Springfield!


So this definitely confirms an Around the World event with content from the many “Simpsons go to…” episodes that have provided mountains of content for us. EA definitely have added loads of clues for this event in a very short amount of time, and I want to save these clues and speculation for another post, so I think EA are doing this very soon. Teasers normally mean in the next week so I expect to see something next Tuesday – usual major event release day. But keep an eye out!

What do you think this means? What content do you want to see? When do you see it hitting? Tell us below and Happy Tapping …

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  1. All around the world. Looking forward to it. Thanks Sam.

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