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New Update: Springfield Cleaning

Hey guys hope your having a great week! Today hit a mini lil update including a gil deal and a short questline!
So let’s start off with the gil deal!


First you will need to have Marge and five other springifielders do a 6s task and then you should see gill begging on his knees with an icon above his head. There will be a mini dialogue and then you will see the deal!
We have had these types of deals before they are when you buy something (this time they are bringing back old random items – more of that later) and then you get a certain amount of donuts back (mmm… bonus donuts)! If you decline the option to still get items is available in the store menu


If you reject gil:

Gil: Fine!  Gil doesn’t need you.  Gil doesn’t need anyone. All Gil needs is Gil.  And lots of other people.  And you.  Gil desperately needs you. We’re good, right?

So at the moment you can get these items:
* Nature Bundle (loads of items about nature includes greenhouse – should I buy coming soon)
* Moe’s House costs 110 get 40 donuts back
* Green Dumpster costs 10 donuts get 3 donuts back
* Simpsons Laser Tag costs 90 donuts get 35 donuts back
* Mr Sparkle Billboard costs 30 donuts get 10 donuts back

Moe’s House and the Nature Bundle will be available until the end of the gil deal 19th April

Loads of other items are available in a few days! Questline walkthrough and should I buys coming up! What do you think so far? Are you going to buy anything? Sound off in the comments and happy tapping!

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  1. Nice! I have only been playing a year now so i love chances for earlier items. So weird grandpa Simpson owned a laser tag.

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