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Springfield Games is live!

Springfielders unite in this new Olympic/Sport themed mini-event. Filled with a fun prize track, funny dialogue and some new and returning items in store to tempt your sugared treats.

As all mini-events are this is an in-game update. Just log into your game and be patient for a short wait for the content to download!

The plot revolves around Springfield setting up their own games.

For the quest you require:

  • Lisa
  • Snake
  • Wiggum
  • Quimby

All tasks are 6s – tasks to unlock currency are 3hrs!


Store items:


It is missing Duff Blimp! Sorry

  • Sportacus – 85 donuts returns from Tapball
  • Springy – 60 donuts returns from Tapball
  • Rebate on Lugash’s Gym! Spend 175 donuts and get 40 back (net price: 135 donuts!)
  • Cristo Of Springfield – 75 donuts (generates ribbons)
  • Half-Pipe – 100 donuts (generates ribbons)
  • Country Flag Bundle – 50 donuts for 30 flags Works out at approximatly 1.5 (exact 1.666…) donuts per flag!
  • Training Bundle – 125 donuts


  1. Springfield Games Cauldron 
  2. Podium
  3. Pin Stand – unlocks Pin Collector Lisa  with questline
  4. Animation for the Cauldron – set alight 
  5. Go-Kart Track
  6. Betting at the Go Kart Track feature – Springfield Down similarity

And the best thing of is that … it isn’t a tapball sequel!image

Can I say that I totally predicted this! I predicted that today we would get an Olympic themed mini-event and … we did! 😊
I even predicate that we would get Fatov (more on that later😉) and Badge Collector Lisa! Smugness end

So what do you think? Were you ready? Like any of the prizes or new items? Posts coming … Happy tapping …

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  1. Guys get the tire fire it give you ribbons

  2. Brilliant write up Sam! Good job getting in there first and I look forward to the walkthrough and YouTube video.

  3. Excellent work ,well written and really informative. Thanks.

  4. I can jot wait for Olympic I like the winter Olympic more though. Oh why did I waste 100 donut on decoration OK here the lesson kid don’t waste donut to a event come

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