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Ooooh, Halloween 2016 is aLIVE!

Boooooo! Did I scare you? Halloween is ALIVE in the game. Gil has left and the autumn leaves and spooky stories have arrived. Some fun content in this event and some spooky surprises.

Monsters have invaded!

App store description:

Monsters have arrived to terrorize Springfield! The only thing standing in their way is… other monsters? Wait a minute, when did those monsters arrive? This town needs a more accurate census.

It is only live on iOS at the moment. I will update these when I know!

Will be busy tonight so not much more info to be updated. But I will try! 👻😈

Keep Homer and Lisa free for a few 6s tasks after some build up dialogue.

Really self explanatory. The same 3 act system that you should be used to. Some new non-event related features, Tap monsters etc and Crafting is back! Hate or love? I like it tbh! Follow up posts to come later in the week

Event guide:

Happy spooking skyfingers …

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  1. It came out on android same time as iOS for me so I’m playing on android with new update

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