Faster then a speeding bullet a new “suped-up sequel” hit our games last week meaning that new items, quest-lines, dialogues and of course prizes hit our tiny towns!
In this post we explore where Issue 1 prizes came from and then if relevant we delve deeper into hidden references and fun EA or Simpson writers have embedded into our games!
So continue to whizz back and forth through seasons of the to explore Issue 1 prizes origins!

Quick Note: Most of these items are featured in small clips so I haven’t written much about them due to there not being much to write. Items featured in episodes have a separate post coming soon but for now …


Prize: Mylar Baggins

2cd Prize for Issue 1 unlocked when you reach 11,500 TSTO Brass Knuckle.png

Mylar Baggins is a comic book shop situated in North Haverbrook and featured in the episode “Homer the Whopper” as a comic book store that sold the Everyman comics. It was a popular shop that Milhouse and Bart visited and I loved seeing it in our games

Prize: Alien

3rd Prize for Issue 1 unlocked when you reach 19,000 TSTO Brass Knuckle.png

The alien is a small feature in the classic superhero episode “Radioactive Man” – second episode of the seventh season – that Radioactive Man (played by Wolfcastle) and Fallout Boy (played by Milhouse) have to defeat for the movie adaptation of Radioactive Man. Another small cameo but I love this item and think the concept is very funny! 🙂

Prize: Cyborg Snake

Cyborg Snake featured in the opening of “Holidays of Future Passed” which is the 9th episode of the 23rd season. This episode set in the future features this epic skin for Snake when he robs a future shop!

Prize: Aqua World
4th prize from Issue 1 unlocked after reaching 41.450 brassknuckles

All aqua world items feature in the filming of a movie adaptation in the episode “Radioactive Man” when Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy are imprisoned in the tower! See the YouTube clip above but you only need to see the beginning of the clip to find that Aqua World origins!

wp-1466684016263.jpg wp-1466684034428.jpg

Prize: Old King Coal

Last prize for Issue 1 unlocked after reaching 52,950 brass knuckles

Old King Coal is part of the fossil fuel four! A team of supervillains against the environment! They feature in a comic that Milhouse and Bart are reading that we see “come to life” in “Married to the blob” in a fight against Radioactive Man at the Zenith City Power Plant. There will be a detailed origin post about where the Fossil Fuel Four came from but above was a quick reminder!

So there you have it … The quick runthrough of where items come from in small episode cameos!
What issue 1 items have you got so far? Do you have a favourite? Tell us in the comments and happy tapping …

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