Super Skyfingers assemble. New and old superheroes and villains unite in the first time ever sequel event. Good fights with evil to stop the forces of Dr Crab. Fingers worn out from fighting felons? Donuts making a hole in your pocket? Superheroes on 24/7 animation fest? With all events come new quests, dialogue, prizes and items. Most items and prizes –apart from the Tapped Out exclusives – have an origin whether it’s a one hit wonder or recurring feature.

Milo and Coolsville is a combo released on the 5th of July at the price of 150 donuts. For more info on the combo and opinions on whether to buy it then click here or the picture below


In these posts we explore where a selected item or group of related items came from in our favourite cartoon ever!  Read on for a detailed origin post …

Coolsville only appeared in one episode which was the main episode that Milo featured in as well. Husbands and Knives (S19, Ep7) starts in the Andriod’s Dungeon where Comic Book Guy charges Milhouse $25 when he accidentally “ruined” a Wolverine comic by a tear dropping on the cover when the comic’s pop-out claws scratched him on the cheek

Price Guide

Comic Book Guy tells the children to leave the store when Bart says that the comic book events aren’t “real”. With that all the children rush to the Coolsville’s, the opposite store’s, grand opening.

Grand Opening

Milo, the hipster store owner, invites them in to the Grand Opening and gives them Japanese hard candy (animation origin!):

Give out Hard Candy

He sings a korean version of ‘What’s new pussy cat’ by Tom Jones (another animation origin!) whilst playing around the store and covering up an annoyed Comic Book Guy with a Jabba the Hut statue.

Sing Japenease covers


The store is filled with video games and modern art as well as comic book. He thinks that comics should be “read and enjoyed” when Lisa accidentally ripped a Tintin comic. He is a major comic geek and his hipster style really suits him 🙂

The store becomes more popular to the point where comic legends Daniel Clowes, Alan Moore and Art Spiegelman visit for a book signing.

Book Signing

Side Plot notice: Marge compares her physique to a Wonder Woman cutout and realises that she wants to get slimmer. After going to a large public gym (LA Body Works) and gets embarrassed when she struggles on a treadmill she sets up a small gym for ordinary people – Shapes.

Comic Book Guy’s inner jealousy then makes him reveal that Milo has a girlfriend, Strawberry, so is not “one of us”. He then tries to influence the children into coming back to the store with some sick ninja weapons and even tries wrecking the store. Again failing!

He then decides to sell the Andriod’s Dungeon to Marge so that she can build Shapes. In this episode he was famously voiced by Jack Black Then the Milo part ends for the episode but Milo and Strawberry make a few other appearances.

In “The Day the Earth Stood Cool” he is seen cycling with some hippies, sounds like something he would do, and he is also at the Springfield Farmer’s Market:


And he appears quite a bit, with Strawberry, in the episode “Married to the Blob” with a lot of comic references.  In this episode he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche  instead of Jack Black. The couple announce that Strawberry is pregnant after they got married and Milo sings a lament song parodying the White Stripes. At a comic con we see the married couple in their full cosplay outfit and there is even a snippet of the cosplay baby batman:


So that is the overview for the main feature of where Milo and Coolsville came from with the mentions of his other appearances. Hope you enjoyed this rundown! What was your favourite geek reference in this episode? Did you like the added bonus of Jack Black in the episode but sad to see him unvoiced in the game? Any items where you need a reminder of where it came from? Who do you think is stronger Mulk or Thung? Tell us in the comments below as we always love hearing from you. Happy tapping …

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