Hello all: multiverse tourists, recreational teleporters, humans and robots a like.
A Rockstar, a street sign, a mini theatre and a whoppa of a building – we have a super random array of items to explore origins today, but they all share one episode.

Read on for a full exploration of where these items come from …

Bits may be brief or missed out but that is because they are irrelevant to the origins of the items.

All these items come from “Holidays from Future Passed” a truly brilliant episode. Keep in mind this episode because even more items in the event come from it as well.

So the Thanksgiving Meal is over in the Simpsons household and the family is stuffed! Marge wips off her Thanksgiving top to reveal a Christmas shirt and announcing that it is officially Christmas season. Which can only mean one thing … Family photo! We get an fun slideshow of future photos to come:

Did you spot Rockstar Maggie?


We can only assume that the venue she is performing in for the magazine cover is the Hyperstadium.

Notice the South Pole Hover street sign?


And then we skip to see how different family members are doing in the future.


I actually really wanted to see The Lofts at Springfield Elementary in this event

First of all Bart, who isn’t doing so well. We know from the slideshow that he split with Jenda. At the lofts of Springfield Elementary we see him turning on the Holo-Theatre:


The kids are ‘teleported’ to him to stay with their dad for the holidays. So Bart chooses to take the kids to his parents.

Then to Lisa who has a seasonal allergy filled Milhouse for a husband and a 24/7 plugged into the internet daughter (Zia – really want her in the game!).


So Lisa decides to take Zia to her parents

And next to a future London where we see the St Beatles Cathedral, The Benny Hilton (perfect comedy!) and we see Skyberdine Systems in the background.


Skyberdine Systems is a parody (play on words) of Cyberdyne Systems from Transformers 2. Cyberdyne Systems is the company that created Skynet which is a mega AI that became aware of it self and saw the world as a threat so triggered the nuclear Judgement Day!

 Big fan of the movie – first time watching it was when I studied AI for a bit!

In this futuristic London, Rockstar Maggie – in casual, non rock outfit – is pregant, sooo now the whole family is going to the Simpsons house …


And that is where we stop – for today! The rest of the episode we will cover in upcoming origin posts.

So look out for future origin posts that involve the next part of this episode.
Got these items? Remember this episode? Opinion on the episode? Tell us below and happy tapping …

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