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Around the World in 10 Days #8: Japan

I’ve been without internet for a couple of days so sorry for the short lateness of this post …

First of all … PINCH, PUNCH, FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH! 😁 *sticks tongue out*

We’re nearly at the end and I think it’s quite sad. I’ve enjoyed this journey around the world with The Simpsons and I hope you have too. 

The Simpsons have gone all around the world in episodes that range from the good, the (kinda) bad and the ugly and I think the “Simpsons go to …” episodes have become such a major and enjoyable part of the show. So in this 10 part series we overview 10 episodes where the Simpsons travel to a different country and what content it could bring to The Simpsons Tapped Out.

In this 8th part to the series of 10 we analyse a pinnacle episode for this event due to it’s recent use in Act 2. Because of the majority of Act 2 items coming from today’s episode, this post may be briefer due to not much content left to analyse 😁. Ready? Strapped in? Anything from the trolley? 

So … Enjoy your ride to Japan … 

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Around the World in 10 Days #7: China

Hello globe trotting adventures! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Around the World in 10 Days post with today being the 7th in the 10 post series.

‘Travel episodes’ have become a big part of The Simpsons and a lot of them I thoroughly enjoy watching them BUT there is the odd, random, unmemorable or just boring travel episode. So far we’ve only had 1 that, in my opinion, was lacking compared to the rest and today we travel to China with the Simpsons family in a sweet but comedy lacking episode.

So … Enjoy your ride to China

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Ah’ve got a wee idea for what’s to come

Hello world trotting tappers and welcome to a wee bit of speculation. With the event coming up to its third act, we know something else will be coming soon after the end of the event.

Here at TOuk Blog, we love speculating and coming up with ideas for updates to come so Act 3 normally means roll up your sleeves and dig into the clues of what’s coming next. I was digging around for some clues and didn’t find many official clues (teasers etc.) but when I looked at dates of the game, I had a pretty strong idea of what’s to come. So, let’s get started …

Image result for Irish tsto

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Homer & Marge! 

On this day, February 23rd 35 years ago, Marge Bouvier and Homer Simpson got married!

Marge: Maybe our next anniversary will be romantic. Aww, look, Homey, our wedding cake!

Homer: You mean there’s been cake in our freezer for eleven years? Why was I not informed?

If the Simpsons didn’t exist on a floating timeline (so characters don’t age, basically) then it would be their 35th Wedding Anniversary after being married on February 23rd in 1982. That’s impressive! I’ll have whatever anti-aging products their using …

We first get a glimpse into the relationship of Homer and Marge before marriage in the episode “I Married Marge” which is episode 12 of season 3.
Season 3 is probably my favourite Simpsons Season due to many of my favourite episodes featuring in this season and this episode is no different. It’s got jokes, heart, flashbacks and quotable dialogue all packed into a really sweet episode.
(Seriously, if you haven’t watched it then 1) *rolls eyes* and … 2) watch it! You have to today because of their anniversary)

To sum up this great episode here is the SimpsonsWikia synopsis:
In flashback, the year is 1980, and Homer andMarge are dating. After seeing a Star Warsmovie, they get busy afterwards – and Marge finds out she is pregnant with Bart. When Homer finds out, he proposes to her, and then tries to find a higher paying job. He goes to the new power plant, only to be rejected. When the baby’s things are repossessed, Homer decides they’ll be better off without him – until Marge comes to find him.

This episode teachers that nothing can stand in the way of love. The love that Homer and Marge portray is so sweet, you can’t help but love the animated couple.
Let’s face it … Homer can be a jerk. Although beer and other stuff persuades him, he often finds himself back with Marge and no matter what stupid things they do against each other, nothing can stop their love ❤. Marge see’s behind his silliness and flabs and see’s the fatherly love that has developed in him.

(I better stop now before I start tearing up 😁 …)

How has Marge’s and Homer’s relationship affected your love life? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and Happy Tapping …

Around the World in 10 Days #6: India

Hello globe trotting buddies and welcome to another “Around the World in 10 Days” post with last post hitting the midway mark. I started this at the beginning (ish) of this event and it ends one day before the event ends (how perfect!) and boy are they go quickly!

To view the first post (with series explanation) CLICK HERE

To view the whole series (so far!) CLICK HERE

Today we look at a travel episode that I thoroughly enjoyed when rewatching it. It’s a shame because it is often not looked at because of the underwhelming-ness (is that a word?) of the previous seasons. BUT with today’s look at “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore” we see Season 17 being a great one (with some great episodes out of the modern age).

So fasten those seatbelts and … Enjoy your ride to India

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Around the World in 10 Days #5: Tanzania

Howdy tappers. Here on a Friday evening for another Around the World in 10 Days post. Yep, we’re at Number 5. We’re halfway there and I have a bit of a confession to make … We got all of the great ones done first. Sorry, but we’ve only got good, mediocre and meh ones left. This was by accident because I chose the country order by starting with UK and going the most “sensible” journey around the world, ending at Brazil because that’s the Act 3 theme.

Put your shirts and shorts on because we’re going somewhere hot with some beautiful picture opportunities (so yes, your phone has other abilities then Tapped Out *gasp*)

So … Enjoy your ride to Tanzania 

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Around the World in 10 Days #4: Italy

Salve giocatori, spero che state bene e che siete pronti per un altro volo intorno al mondo. (I learnt that from LP😁) meaning “Hello tappers, hope you’re all well and you’re ready for another flight around the world” in Italian. Yep, that’s right. Pour some wine (don’t give any to Lisa 😉), toss some pizza and get ready for another Around the World in 10 Days journey.

So … Enjoy your ride to … Italy 🇮🇹🍕🍝

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Around the World in 10 Days #3: France

Bonjour Tappers. Today I present to you another flight around the world in this new series to celebrate this awesome Destination: Springfield event. I am doing 2 posts a week (normally Monday and Friday) so here is the 2nd instalment of the week. I will be mainly sticking to a schedule of what countries we will visit in each instalment so to get ready for each post (Some weeks you will need shorts, some weeks you will need chopsticks and some weeks you will need your beach body because this event is truly global), here is a map of our 5 week journey:

So put on your buret, sharpen your accent and fling some garlic round your neck, for good measure, because we’re heading of to … France! 🇫🇷

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Around the World in 10 Days #2: Ireland

HELLO tappers … tá súil agam go bhfuil tú go maith. Have no idea what I just said? Well, neither do I 😃. But according to many translation resources it means “I hope you are well” in … Irish (Gaelic). Yep that’s right we’re following Homer down an Irish pub this week in Around the World in 10 days.

Travel episodes have been a big part of The Simpsons and often provide a lot of cross continental content that would be awesome for Tapped Out so because of this Destination: Springfield event I thought it would be topical to start this series. Every Monday and Friday I will take 1 country, that The Simpsons have visited in a whole episode(s), and look at that episode – overview it, review it, look at content that could be added to the game from that episode and look at content in this event that came from that country.

So … Enjoy your ride to … Ireland 🍀

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Around the World in 10 Days #1: UK

Yes, this did go live yesterday by accident so that is deleted. This is the correct post. Sorry 😁

Hello fellow travelling tappers. In the midst of this AWESOME event with the theme of international content I thought it would be a good idea to start a series lasting for this event length called Around the World in 10 days. There have been so many ‘Simpsons go to…’ episodes and the travel category is a favourite category of mine and I just love watching those types of episodes. 

So … I decided to pick 10 countries/places that The Simpsons have visited (I stayed away from USA and went international) and in 10 posts I will overview a 1 country/place in each post and go through the episode(s) where the Simpsons visit it – quick episode review, synopsis, content that they could have added with this event and content – from the episode – that they have added to the event.

To fit the 10 posts into this event span I decided to do 2 posts a week (apart from this week and the last week). A post will be up every Monday and Friday … a calendar will be done for next time. I’ll definitely try and stick to schedule but quite busy at the moment so a post might, rarely, be a day late 😁

So strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride as we head off to the United Kingdom for this post …

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