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New Teaser: We’re going around the world … Very soon!

So EA have definitely liked to tease us recently and EA normally have a few ways to give us that little sneak peak for us secret Speculators to encode and have fun with:

1) App Store descriptions often leave some teaser questions.

2) EA’S official Facebook Teasers – I love these. Logging into Facebook and seeing an exciting image with a little teasing description is pure pleasure to this speculating tapper.

And VERY recently (quarter of an hour ago) I logged into Facebook and saw a little teaser that has confirmed some speculation of mine that I am saving for a bigger post. Here it is…

Want all the charm of international travel without ever having to take a bad passport photo? Get prepared for some global adventures from the comfort of your own Springfield!


So this definitely confirms an Around the World event with content from the many “Simpsons go to…” episodes that have provided mountains of content for us. EA definitely have added loads of clues for this event in a very short amount of time, and I want to save these clues and speculation for another post, so I think EA are doing this very soon. Teasers normally mean in the next week so I expect to see something next Tuesday – usual major event release day. But keep an eye out!

What do you think this means? What content do you want to see? When do you see it hitting? Tell us below and Happy Tapping …

Chinese New Year 2017: The Guide

Yesterday EA gave us a little something to let our resting fingers tappa tappa tappa in wait of the “next big thing” and gave us a little Lunar New Year update to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
It is a small update, to fill the gap between the next thing EA has in store for us, with some items in store and a short questline for us to work our way through. Time to decorate for the Chinese New Year!

Being a baby blog site there is no point in doing loads of small posts about individual parts of updates (seperate should I buys, questlines etc) but I do like to do one BIG post with every info you should need about an update (tend to only do these for mini events and updates – major events get to big) so here is your All-In-One post for the Lunar New Year update …


This is where I will link the speculation post when it is published.


We don’t do full walkthroughs here but find a walkthrough of the gameplay HERE but it is 3 parts of gameplay that consists of using the Simpsons family (and Ned for one part) and then on the 28th of January 3 more parts of gameplay unlock and SMALL SPOILER on the 31st of January you will unlock a special decoration.


Chinese Lantern – 5000

Quick Review: It’s a decoration so mainly personal choice but they’re freemium so pick up as many as you can and want. I’m decorating my town with these lanterns to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Chinese Junk – 75

Quick Review: Not the biggest fan of this one and will personally be passing but if you are a fan of ships, water items or the Chinese design then you might want to pick it up. No payout, No questline, No tasks but 2.5% bonus on all cash and XP.

Giant Takeout Box – 50

Quick Review: Love this item and I don’t know why. Fun decoration that will forever be my inspiration and decision decider. Everytime you tap it you get 1 out of 22 fortunes in the form of a dialogue bubble (..thing😛). These include Watch your step, You learn from your mistakes, You will learn a lot today, The fortune you seek is in another cookie and 18 more. Consider this purchase if you have many more donuts for whatever is coming next.

Giant Wall – 60

Quick Review: I like this item. Pick it up if you have the donuts. On ‘How it Works’ go to Giant Wall information😃

Giant Dragon Bundle – 100

Quick Review: 3 enormously tall dragons that cry rainbows when tapped. Great for some designs (might stitch together some of TOuk’s great dragon placements later) including Chinese buildings but for a steep price you might want to pass if the donuts are tight. Conclusion: Meh


When you spend the 60 donuts you will get a main tower and two walls (one wonky one way and the other wonky the other). When you place the main tower you can tap it and you will get this:

You can spend 10000 in-game cash to get another tower (doesn’t have a flag) – 24hrs wait – or spend 2000 in-game cash to generate a wall (wonky either way) – with a 3hr wait for it to generate. You can only make one part at a time.

Well I hope you enjoyed that post – took me a while to compile. With the update a small one I think we can call this segment downtime so look out for some speculation about what’s to come and Happy Tapping to all …

Episode Overview: Homer the Heretic 

Hey Tappers! It’s Robobot here again, bringing you an episode Overview of the Season 4 Classic, Homer the Heretic! 

This Episode starts with A Sunday Blizzard. Marge still wants everybody to go to church despite the Blizzard, but Homer doesn’t want to. So while Marge and the Kids have are Cold and Miserable at Church 

Homer Stays home and has the time of his life. When Marge gets home, Homer tells Marge that because of how much fun he had, he’s not going to go to Church anymore. Marge gets upset by thi, and Prays to God to forgive Homer. Homer then has a dream where he visits God. God is at first angry, but After Homer tells God that he serves his family and works for his family, he sees no reason why he can’t worship his own way. God Understands. After that, Marge, Ned, and Reverend Lovejoy try your convince Homer back to being Christian, to no avail. Next Sunday, Homer once again stays home, but this time, he accidentally started a fire! 

Apu sees the Fire, and so Apu, Krusty, and Ned help Homer put out the fire, and they save Homer from the burning building. Homer at first thinks it’s God’s wrath, but Reverend Lovejoy tells Homer that God was working through the hearts of everyone. This convinces Homer to go back to church. 

What was your opinion on this episode? Comment Below! 

How culture has shaped The Simpsons (Pt. 1)

Hey guys. Saturday is upon us and I wanted to pop in with a post that has been in the “ideas book” for a while but I kind of just forgot it. So whilst most people have finished this event we might as well start the lull posts. Enjoy….

In this short Part 1 we look at Why culture has shaped The Simpsons?… An introduction …

A long time ago in a studio far far away (well it is for me) there was a team who created an idea that has formed society and culture as we know it. Starting from The Tracy Ullman Show and progressing to the mighty 28 seasons. Like all animated programmes of its time, when The Simpsons started, the creators used frames and hand drawn animation to create their episodes which produced that warm handcrafted and loved effect – seeming to flow more. The Simpsons used a base of directors, storyboards and a heck load of animators to produce and develop the show … until … IT happened. THE situation.


South Park originally premiered on August 13, 1997 on Comedy Central and although the animation was literal crap it gradually gained global success due to the many references it made to current day issues and jokes. Becuase the animation was so bad an episode of South Park would only take less than a week (!!!) to make due to its paper cutout and computer animated style. Now, before I continue let’s just confirm the difference between animation for The Simpsons and South Park at THAT time.

South Park used paper cutouts and computer animation whilst The Simpsons used pure frame (hand-drawn) animation

South Park episodes would take roughly 5 days to make whilst The Simpsons episode would take several months (and I mean, like, 6-8 months several).

South Park episodes were made back to back, meaning they made an episode, finished it, then made another episode etc, whilst The Simpsons episodes, I believe, were made at the same time, which is how they managed to get a season out in a year despite an episode taking 6-8 months to make.

So it was clear why South Park could make jokes that were relevant to that week’s news and affairs: they’d make an episode about the week’s current news, it would air, they’d make the next episode about the new week’s news, it would … And it would go on. But with the Simpsons they couldn’t do that because all the many episodes would be made at the same time. So they would have to make jokes that would still be relevent and funny 6-8 months later – The Simpsons is full of risks. (In Part 2 we look at Pokémon Go and that decision – based around what I just said).

The Simpsons has stayed true to ideas dating back to Walt Disney but we have seen, many times, The Simpsons updating their animation and it seems like they have taken many shortcuts in animation including:

  • Lower frame rate
  • Switching to Computer Animation
  • Adding less details

I have studied animation, in hope of becoming an animator, and this breaks my heart. For example, study this gif through the eyes of someone who has studied animation:


Looks snazzy but focus on Marge:

– Hair flick – Face changes: worried to relieved – Big arm movement – Body movement reacts to breathing

– Head turns (no face change and no hair, arm of body movement)

Now let’s break this up into frames:

Credit –

You can see a DRAMATIC change in animation. They have made it less “cartoony” with the way Marge turns round – which provided the heart and warmth to the show – and replaced it with a robotic turn of the head. In the modern couch gag – just an example I took for the animation comparison – you see less frames, fewer details and less exaggeration (look at the 12 principles of cartoon animation) compared to the beautiful, from an animating perspective, old couch gag.

Why do this? Because it means less frames and less detail.

Why do that? Save time and effort. An episode could come out slightly quicker.

Why do that? To keep up with modern news and references. See where I went with that?

So this change has its cons with time management and efficiency but it risks the decline in the homemade warmth. I know I am going to leave you on a bit of a cliffhanger … but …

In next week’s Part 2 we look at the effects of culture’s impacts on The Simpsons (including examples). I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say on this topic. Did you know about the switch over of animation style and the impact it made? See you next time and Happy Tapping …

Guest Post: 13 things to avoid on Friday 13th

Hello one and all. Christmas has gone and the boring month of January has arrived. Halloween has long gone but today is … Friday the 13th! People say the origin of the ‘unluckiness’ comes from biblical reasons. Meant to be the day Eve at the apple, the tower of babel fell down and 13 people were present at The Last Supper but there is a ton of historical origins towards this day (I recommend reading this post) . The Friday the 13th movies have become icons in modern culture and I am sure they are rerunning most of the movies today on most channels. Even the Simpsons have had a go at the references …

So … in hope of some horror inspiration I turned to the TOuk horror and gore expert Brooders! And on request she has provided a guest post for us: 13 life things to avoid on Friday 13th (with Simpsons pictures). Enjoy …

Continue reading

A Birthday tribute to Bleeding Gums Murphy

On this site we like to celebrate the birthday of characters in the Simpsons or important figures in the making of the show or TSTO – I have dropped out of doing them for months but I promise to gradually bring them back. This is a mixture of a post: it’s a wish list request, birthday bash and tribute to the one and only … Bleeding Gums Murphy!

Murphy Kenneth “Bleeding Gums” Hibbert was born on the 7th of January 1936. He first featured in the episode “Moaning Lisa” where he became a mentor and inspiration towards Lisa when coaching her. A touching episode that is loved across the fanasphere (that’s not a word – but I don’t care).
In the episode “bla” Lisa finds Bleeding Gums Murphy in a hospital bed after Bart ends up in hospital. After a moving serenade of a jazz song he explains a bit about his family and life but when Lisa comss back … 

He has departed (😢) and after the funeral (of only Lisa) she decides to buy his one and only album “Sax on the Beach”.

Ever since then, he made a few, unexplained, cameos – including The Simpsons intro when Bart skateboards down the road.

Bleeding Gums Murphy was a fan favorite character and I can see why. He was liked because characters wanted someone like him – someone that shared an interest and cared enough to develop that interest and create a genuine bond with someone surround by lack of interest. Wouldn’t you like a Bleeding Gums character in your life?

Last year Safi did a great job of an “Addicts Most Desired Character” and although I was sad to see Mr Bergstrom not make it, Bleeding Gums Murphy was a deserving winner!
EA read Addicts – it’s a fact. Proof: they do an episode list with #1 being Homer the Heritic and then *poof* we got a ‘Homer the Heritic’ mini-event. So I think it is very likely that we will get him at some point before the end of the game – I haven’t seen a chance that they couke have added him with previous updates.

If he did come into the game here are some brief ideas (I might do some seperate ideas post on each of the event idea mentioned):

  • A building he could come with: The Jazz Hole
  • Unlock Screen quote: “The Blues ain’t about feeling better; it’s about making other people feel worse.”
  • A Visual Task idea: Play sax with Lisa
  • Events he could come with: Music event, Lisa’s inspirations mini-event, Back from the Dead event (possible THOH theme)

So that was a brief tribute to Bleeding Gums Murphy because of his birthday today (RIP BGM) and I hope to see him in the game at some point! Now for the song … (Sing it with JAZZ)
Happy Birthday to you
Your death made us blue
Your love was inspiring
Happy Birthday to you
I hope you enjoyed this post! Please leave comments and birthday wishes below. Have a great weekend and Happy Tapping …

Annual Events I want to see added to TSTO

“Homer the Heritic” has kick started 2017 for us with Homer tasting a flavour of a few religions and I think it is AWESOME! I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a great year for TSTO – EA have definitely started it that way – but in this post I explore something that isn’t really talked about much and I had real difficulty on how to phrase it. But many PM’s back and forth from various people (at helped me out and I came up with ‘Annual Events I want to see added to TSTO’ . Enjoy …

There are a few events that we get every year. They are:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween (and)
  • Christmas 

Sometimes this is in the form of a major event (Halloween & Christmas), mini-event (sometimes Valentine’s Day) or just items in the store (4th July, Easter, St Patrick’s Day). And sometimes the form of an Annual Event changes depending on the success of a previous year (*cough* Easter went from major event to just a few items in store over the years becuase of *shivers* 2014). But there are some diary dates that I want to see celebrated, in any form EA feels suits it, in the game. I tried to leave out specific religious dates becuase EA might want to avoid these due to controversy.

These diary days could be national, international, well-known, lesser known, fictional or whatever 😀…

#5 – Bonfire Night (5th November)

I know this is an English tradition but we non-americans put up with 4th of July (joking! – We love those updates) but I would love to see some fireworks and maybe a Guy Fawkes character. 

#4 – Father’s Day & Mother’s Day (For 2017: June 18th & March 26th)

I think these days would be very special and adorable to be added into the game. We could see a questline with the children of Springfield trying to buy presents and I could just see it working. And … It would be the perfect time to introduce Sarah Wiggum – I could just imagine the most cutest questline where everyone talks about mum’s and Ralph is upset because he doesn’t have it and then BOOM … We finally (!!) unlock her (nearer the time I will do an events idea) – I tear up at the thought of it 😂.

#3 – Birthdays of Characters/Important figures to Simpsons or TSTO (depends on figure’s birthday)

I like researching famous birthdays and I always try
to tribute Simpsons character’s birthdays with Birthday Bash on here. So updates to celebrate characters – see characters with confections to the character buying presents etc – would be really fun. And Matt Groening’s birthday, I think, should be something to be celebrated in the game – plus, I love his character so sone interaction with that would be fun!

#2 – Geek Pride Day (May 25th)

Being a big geek myself (in many other areas other than Simpsons), I would love this less known day to be celebrated. We could get THE NERDS, Cosmic War items and other comic con and general geeky items. I would love Comic Book Guy to get his spotlight and I can just imagine the content we could get.

#1 – April Fool’s Day (April 1st)

This is an day I really want to be used in the game! Whether it is adding some of Bart’s pranking friends – I would love to see his inspiration friend from “Parks and Green” including many other content from that episode! Because, as we learnt from the clip show episode, April Fool’s originated from Paganism – we could get a return of the bonfire and I want the stake with Flanders tasks (from that April Fool’s episode)

“Now who’s laughing, Now who’s laughing”

There is so much possibility for this update and nearer the time I will have an event idea post but this came #1, not because of the content that could be added, but because of some of the pranks they could play like:

  • Ranking up the price of donuts
  • All characters gone invisible
  • A fake message saying the game will end the next day (a harsh joke)
  • Springfield blown up! 
  • And so much more

Obviously they would make some dialogue and they will make it seem real, for a while, UNTIL they pull the ‘April Fools!’ message and the whole tappersphere is going mental and we can continue to breath. I just think this would be so funny! If they got it right and maybe didn’t do it every year at the same time – making it predictable.

I missed out quite a bit but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it 😁
So I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment below on what you think of my rundown – what would YOU like to see? Tell us below … and … Happy Tapping

Homer gone holy in NEW mini-event

The snow is still falling in Springfield as Winter still hangs around in the New Year. To kick-start 2017 EA has given us a ‘Homer the Heritic’ mini-event to work our way through. This event, honestly, looks really cool – in my opinion. It has introduced some really fun, and requested, characters along with a theme based upon an episode that was titled #1 episode in a list spotlighted by Addicts

I don’t want to give much info because bigger sites are better for that content – I recommend this site for reference and I am sure that Addicts will have a post up. I like to do these ‘update gone live’ for news and reference for a Polaroid style journey.

Useful Links (to be added to):

If you haven’t already then Homer the Heritic is a much watch for any playing the game. Or a rewatch must!

This update is in the form of a mini-event (become the norm for gap fillers) where you unlock prizes, as rewards, for completing the parts of a main questline. 

Look out for some origin posts, thank you letter posts and some speculation (maybe more!) coming your way, January 2017.

Thank you very much for this update, EA! In the inspirational words of McDonalds …

Happy Tapping…

Happy New Year!

Just a really quick post to wish every single one of our a very happy new year. I think it is fair to say 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year with politics, celebrity deaths and even in the game BUT 2016 has gone so let’s look towards 2017 as I am sure it will be a lot better.

I did a YouTube video, on my channel, for the New Year – explaining what you can expect from the channel that I hope to build up in 2017:

(There is quite a bit of background ambience. Sorry. I was speaking quietly because of a cold – slowly recovering)

Please subscribe if you like the channel. The more support, the more motivated I am to keep working on that.

2017, in TSTO, will be kick started by, IMHO, a really cool mini-event that introduces some really cool characters and items so SAVE YOUR DONUTS because that starts 3rd January (so only a few days to wait!).

Let’s make this a positive year guys (#stopthehate) and respect EA for what they do – a lot! Thank you everyone for the support in 2016, I had an amazing year thanks to all of you – let’s make 2017 bigger and better.

Have a great day, whatever you are doing, and use this opportunity to start a fresh. I don’t know what it is about the new year but I definitely feel fresh 😁. Take a more positive approach to life and the game – you will find yourself enjoying the moment more. Happy Tapping …

A brief Reflection of TSTO 2016

Hey Tappers! It’s the eve of 2017 and we wave goodbye to a rollercoaster of a year. In this post I do a brief reflection of TSTO 2016. fyi, all stuff in BOLD is written by Sam. Enjoy …

A Popular Opinion online is that 2016 was a really bad year, with tons of awful things happening and tons of celebrity deaths. While that’s true to an extent, I wouldn’t say 2016 was the worst Year ever. I actually had a pretty good 2016. 

TSTO had a good 2016 in terms of events. The events this year gave us tons of new items that we were wanting, and 2016 gave us a lot of new ways to get Donuts. 

(Sam…) I agree, there was a lot of hate going around with certain updates that wasn’t just or thought out. There have been a lot of positive additions and updates to the game, in 2016, that I think we need to celebrate.

My Favorite Event of the year would have to be The Casino Event. I really liked the Mini Games, and The Items were really cool. You could make your own Hollywood Area. 

(Sam…) My favorite event was also the Casino event. I just loved the LIGHTS and all that jazz – it brought some fun items and had huge possibility for design. The mini games it brought with it were GREAT but it was very annoying to see them go 😢.

My Least favorite Event would been to be Springfield Games. Not because it’s bad, but because it had a lot of potential to be a Tap ball 2 type of thing, and I thought that it was a little lame that we only got a Lisa Skin and Fatov. 

As for the show, the episodes were a mixed bag. I feel like the show is still good, it’s just that it’s not the same as it used to be. None of the episodes are really bad to me. It’s just that sometimes, it can feel a little stilted. 

My favorite Season 27 episodes are a tie between Cue Detective and Halloween of Horror. I thought that Cue Detective was a really fun adventure detective episode, and Halloween of Horror really had that old Simpsons heart and charm to it. 

(Sam…) I won’t tell Robobot that we are, currently, on Season 28. I think quality isn’t decreasing (much). It ISN’T what it was but I don’t think that is bad. I still watch every episode, enjoy every episode (some more then others) and I still love it for what it is now. Favourites of S28 are “The Last Traction Hero” and “The Town” but overall S28 is turning out to be pretty strong – well done FOX!

(Still Sam…) In conclusion, 2016 has been a fun year for Tapped Out and it got a lot of undeserved hate just because EA tried something new with updates. 2016 will be the year of experiments (they tried religion, sequels, new systems – eg. Daily Tasks, Rewards for premium purchases) and I respect that 😃. I think people need to approach the game with a respectful and positive attitude. It is a game that costs loads of money that has been offered for FREE (be grateful for it!). From a positive perspective: In 2016 we got:

  • A much needed cut and paste mechanic! Super helpful!!
  • A sequel superhero event that actually gave some cool items – when you think about it.
  • TSTO’s first ever alive guest star (not including Mr Greoning): Stephen Hawking , who was flipping amazing!
  • The extremely helpful visual task icon – becuase it’s mostly what I send my characters on.
  • We got Starsuit Maggie!!! Enough said. *mic drop*
  • And a whole lot more … Make a list – it’ll surprise you.

So have a great new year, if the timezone you are in is there already, but for me I have a few hours. There might be a post tomorrow for the new year but until then Stay Positive and Happy Tapping …

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