Hiya Sporty Skyfingers! I’ve just unlocked Go Kart Betting as the Final Prize of the Springfield Games, and what better way to celebrate than making a post! Read on! 

What is Go Kart Betting and How Does it work? 

Go Kart Betting is the Final Prize of the Springfield Games, and it let’s you bet money to win more money and out can bet on racers with different odds of winning and different payouts. 

Very Similar to the Dog Track at Springfield Downs, after you bet there is a racing animation with commentary. 

How Often Can you bet? 

You can bet every 8hrs

Go Kart Betting Verdict: 

This is a nice addition to the game. While it isn’t the most original idea, it’s new and fun way to earn some in game cash. 

What’s your opinion on Go Kart Betting? Comment Below! 

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