Howdy all! In midst of all the Level 60 confusion …

Update: Apparently the glitch has been fixed according to an EA member on the EA forums!

… We sometimes forget the current event and all the fun items and prizes it bring. In this post I go over a prize given as an Act 3 prize.
There are 2 types of prizes:

1) The actual item – decoration, character, building, combo etc
2) Resources – Resources you can trade in at the General Store to move you along the prizeline

In these posts I will give you an overview of one of the actual items along with a resource prize (because they don’t deserve a solo post). So for this post we are looking at the Frontier Cementery, Mortician Carriage and 200 guns

So you unlock BOTH the Frontier Cementery and the Mortician Carriage when you reach 3980 explosives and you will be asked to either store or place! They are both instant builds due to the fact that they are both decorations – they don’t offer a payout!



So that is very simple and now onto the resource prize …

When you reach 6050 explosives you will see the system message …


And then you are free to trade!

So enjoying Act 3? Confused and EXCITED about the sudden level change? Make comments below because we LOVE hearing from you!!!

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