Hey Tappers! I’m Robobot, and I’m back with a Prize Overview on 2 prizes! Longshot Skinner and 400 Hats! Now on to the post….


The First Prize that we will be talking about today, is Longshot Skinner!


Longshot Skinner is the 7th prize of Act 3 of the Wild West Event, and you need 19,28045px-WW_TNT to unlock him.


Longshot Skinner In the Simpsons: 

Longshot Skinner, has appeared in the season 25 Episode, “Yellow Subterfuge”. Skinner was dreaming that he was a desperado in the wild west who protected the geeks and shot the bullies.


Too bad that the kids don’t take old Skinny Boy seriously. Now that I think about it though, in this episode when the kids did take him seriously, he was a power mad dictator of the school.

Longshot Skinner’s Tasks: 

Clean His Rifle: 1 Hour

Protect The School: 4 Hours


Look Cool Patrolling The Town: 8 Hours


(That Horse Can see Right through you 😨)

Practice Brooding: 12 Hours

Watch Over The Town: 24 Hours 

Longshot Skinner even has his own questline!

Skinner Unchained Pt. 1

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon The halls are empty today.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon Even the children of Springfield have been consumed by The Gold Rush Fever.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon Truancy is a disease. And Longshot Skinner is the cure.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon Time to Saddle Up. Cue The Music.

Task: Make Skinner Look Cool Patrolling The Town 

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER! A TRUANTS WORSE NIGHTMARE!

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER! W

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_IconEARS SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR!

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon DETENTION STARTS AT FIVE.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon HE WILL DRAG YOU THERE DEAD OR ALIVE.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER!!!!!!

Skinner Unchained Pt. 2

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER! I THINK HE’S GONE FERAL!

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER! CUT CLASS AT YOUR PERIL!

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon WHEN PRANKSTERS THREATEN THE SCHOOL.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon HE’S GOT A MASTER’S IN LOSING HIS COOL.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER!!!!!!

Task: Make Youngsters Throw Garbage At Springfield Elementary: x5, 4 Hours, Springfield Elementary

Task: Make Longshot Skinner Protect The School: 4 Hours, Springfield Elementary 


Skinner Unchained Pt. 3

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER! I THINK HE SHOT NELSON.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SKIN-NER! MY GOD, IS THAT LEGAL?

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon SOMEONE,  PLEASE CALL THE POLICE.


Tapped_Out_Wiggum_Icon Stop the music! Seymour Skinner! Throw down the six shooter and back away from the horse.

105px-Tapped_Out_Longshot_Skinner_Icon Name’s Longshot. And we’re on school property. This is MY jurisdiction.

Tapped_Out_Wiggum_Icon Snap out of it Seymour! God, I hope this is some kind of dream sequence…

Task: Make Wiggum Call In Back Up: 2 Hours, Police Station

So that’s Longshot Skinner’s questline. Now we know never to give Skinner a six shooter.


The Next Prize that we will be talking about is 400 Hats!


It adds 400 hats to be used at the general store. You need 23,42045px-WW_TNT to unlock it.


So those are Longshot Skinner and 400 hats! (Thanks to Letsplaynintendoita for images and dialougue) Do you have these prizes? Comment below and we’re to give it a read!





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