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Prize Overview: Ordnance Express and 400 hats

Howdy! Act 2 stumbled upon us last week and with all acts comes new items and prizes! Sorry I’m a bit late but now that I am back on track you might suddenly get a wall of prize overviews so that I can catch up! Today’s prize overview is for the item:


Ordnance Express and the resource …


400 hats! So let’s get on with it …

The Ordnance Express is the third prize offered in Act 2 and the second tangible item offered as a prize for act 2.
When you reach 3890

then you will automatically get the building and be asked to place it. It takes 4 hours to build and then after its finished building there will be a three part questline:

Wild Wild Willie Pt. 1

Willie starts

Willie: Finally! There’s a gun store in town!
Herman: I’ve been selling guns here for ages!
Homer: And Bloodbath & Beyond came to town last year.
Willie: Willie either can’t, or won’t, read. Willie forgets which. The end result is the same, Willie supposes.
Willie: Anyway, this store has a giant gun on the sign. So that’s where I’m goin’!

Task: Make Willie Shop For Guns and Ammo 6hrs
Location: Ordnance Express

Wild Wild Willie Pt. 2

Willie starts

Willie: Is this the right gun for shooting squirrels on a busy kids’ playground?
Squeaky Voice Teen: It’s NRA-approved for just that use! With stopping power like this, you can make an awful lot of kids safe from terrorists. Add this optional hair trigger, and the safety really shoots through the roof!
Willie: Willie’s not out to protect kids! Willie can’t stand the wee devils!
Willie: I need this gun to stop the squirrels from stealing mah twigs, string and lint. I’m trying to make a nest here, too, after all!
Squeaky Voice Teen: Ok sir, but there’s a waiting period.
Willie: Argh!

Task: Make Willie Impatiently Wait For a Gun 24hrs
Location: Willie’s Shack

Wild Wild Willie Pt. 3

Willie starts

Willie: Finally! I got me boomstick and it’s time for a proper reckonin’!
Willie: Do these rodents really think they can outsmart Willie…
Willie: …just because their scores on standard intelligence tests are significantly higher than Willie’s?

Task: Make Willie Lie in Wait 8hrs
Location: Willie’s Shack

Willie: Ack, I must’ve dozed off.
Willie: Me gun! The rodent has run off with it!
Willie: You win this one ya’ buck-toothed bedbug.
Willie: Looks like Willie’s movin’ back to the culvert. Well, I WAS starting to miss the odor of pig farm runoff.

Then the next prize is 400 hats …


… Which you can use at the general store to trade (along with revolvers and pickaxes) to gain daily craftable prizes and unlock Sherrif Badges to move you along the prizeline! So that is the overview for Ordnance Express and 400 hats, join us next time when we look at the Snake skin and the next resource prize!

Calendar Recap:
According to the Addicts Calendar (I highly recommend using it) you should unlock the Snake skin today to be on track! Don’t worry if you’re behind (I was last act) as you can always catch-up!

Come again and happy tapping!

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