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Prize Overview: Outlaw Snake and 200 guns

Yee-haw! I am loving this cowboy theme! With so many buildings and decorations to add to your new dirt layed area there is so much designing ideas (as you may have gathered I love designing) but along with the cool items, fun dialogues/questlines we also have a prize track to gain fun items for our Western area!!! These prizes come in three acts and in our current act (Act 2 for all the slow ones) there is a mixture of good characters, decorations and buildings.

In these posts I will do an overview for the item (character/building/decoration) and swiftly explain the event currency prize! So here is the Prize Overview for Outlaw Snake and 200 guns …


So you get Outlaw Snake after reaching 9200 deputy badges which you can gain by trading in event currency at the general store. Once you reach that amount you will see this system popup:


And you will see the unlock screen:


He is part of the Old West Villians collection and then you will see him roaming your Springfield with a exclamation mark above his head meaning he has a questline however I normally wait until after the event to do the character quests so that you can use him to gain event currency:

All in a day’s work Pt 1

Task: Make Outlaw Snake go grocery shopping – 2hrs

All in a day’s work Pt 2

Task: Make Outlaw Snake force Flanders to do his laundry – 4hrs with Ned Flanders

All in a day’s work Pt 3

Task: Build the Android Dungeon
Task: Make Snake get a gift from the Android Dungeon

All in a day’s work Pt 4

Task: Make Snake play with Jeremy – 4hrs VISUAL

He also comes with some fun tasks:

Load Ammo Belt – 1hr earns $70 and 17xp – Brown House
Play with Jeremy – 4hrs earns $175 and 45xp – ANIMATED
Take Care of Chores – 8hrs earns $275 and 70xp – ANIMATED
Plan the Next Heist – 12hrs earns $420 and 100xp – Brown House
Lay Low – 24hrs earns $600 and 150xp – Brown House

So that’s the laydown of the fun Snake Skin and after you unlock that prize you can get 200 guns next so here’s a quick overview for that …

You can unlock 200 guns after you reach 14,960 deputy badges. When you reach that quantity you will see this system message:


You can use these to trade in badges for Act 2 and Act 3 currency to move you along with the prizeline and event!

Hope you enjoyed a quick rundown of Outlaw Snake and 200 guns!

Over to you …

How far are you in the event? Enjoying the event so far? Looking forward to act 3? The comment box is calling so answer below and Happy Tapping …

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