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Prize Overview: Tumbleweed and 200 guns

Yee-haw! Wild west has been up and running for a while and I would like to start by apologising for not getting this up sooner (I am very busy at the moment) but promise from now on that every day or two days I will have the price overview up! In this event there are two types of prizes …

1) Items to add to your Springfield (skins, characters, buildings etc)
2) resources to trade in to help move you along!

For every prize overview I will be collecting the item along with the resource as the resources don’t need a separate post! So here is the first overview for …

The Tumbleweed and 200 guns

The tumbleweed is an NPC (non-playable character) that comes as the first prize in Act 2 after you gain 1,190image

When you get 1,190 amount of badges then you will see this message:


And then it will automatically arrive in your Springfield and start rolling on your roads! You have no option to keep it in your Western area as it is programmed to keep to the roads (dirt or normal). Then you will see the unlock screen:


Then it has a short questline (to tap it and see his animation)! When it is tapped it “puffs” (disappear) then comes back and keeps bouncing!

Then the next prize is …


200 guns which is unlocked when you reach 1,910 badges! When you unlock it you see this message:


And then you can trade these guns (along with hats and pickaxes) to get Sheriff Badges to unlock the daily prizes and help you move through the prizeline!
I will be back in a few days to give you the rundown of the next two prizes but for now giddy-up and happy tapping …

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  1. Simpsons rules

    May 7, 2016 at 9:42 am

    I just unlocked snake skin last night

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