Whacking Day is back for 2016 with all fun dialogue, an Exclusive item and some good returning content!
Quick Quests is a new feature where I give you a basic rundown of quests! So you still get the info you actually need (the tasks and system messages) to give you a quick rundown! Today’s quick quests gives you all the quests featured in Whacking Day 2016 (this includes premium Quick Quests)! So join me after the jump to get your quick walkthrough of all Whacking Day questlines …

First questline autostarts when you login after 8:00 BST:

The Whack is Back Pt. 1
Auto starts

Task: Pat 5 Snakes to Sleep
System Message: Stock up on traditional Whacking Day goodies before it’s too late!

The Whack is Back Pt. 2
Homer starts

Task: Slap 5 Snakes Down

The Whack is Back Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Rewarded Western Snake NPC

This next Quick Quest is a promo diologue for the exciting episode “Simprovised” which will include the LIVE segment. This Quick Quest will display the dialogue because that’s the whole point of the promo:

Homer Live
Auto starts

Homer: You know what the best kind of comedy is? Improv!
Lisa: Last week you said improv was the worst kind of comedy.
Homer: Oh, it is. The jokes are terrible. But you laugh like crazy at them anyway… which is what makes it the best kind of comedy.
Lisa: So bad jokes that people come up with on the spot are actually good jokes?
Homer: Exactly!
Lisa: Can you imagine if someone actually did improv with good jokes?
Homer: No Lisa, I can’t.

System Message: Watch Homer, LIVE for the first time ever, as he improvs to your Tweets on The Simpsons this Sunday, 8/7 central on FOX!

Ninja Homer Quests (detailed dialogues for these are coming soon)

Ninja Homer goes West

Task: Celebrate Whacking Day at the Wild West Plaza – 6s, Town Plaza

Wing Chung for Dummies

Task: Place Practice Snake
Task: Make Ninja Homer Fake-Whack Pretend Snakes (fun animation of him going around Whacking any practice snakes)

Getting Carried Away Pt 1

Task: Make Ninja Homer Smash Up Flanders House – 4h, Flanders House

Getting Carried Away Pt 2

Task: Make Ninja Homer Steer the Mob in Wise Directions – 8h, Simpson House

I am Bruce Lee and snakes are my Chuck Norris

Task: Make Ninja Homer Twirl Whacking Stick – 12h, Simpson House

Oh Whacking Day

Task: : Make Ninja Homer Polish Stick for Whacking – 24hrs, Simpson House

So there are all the quests you will gain for the Whacking Day items!
Remember WD items leave tomorrow 8:00 BST!

Over to you …

Did you get any items? Enjoying Whacking Day? Did you have fun with any of the quests? Sound off in the comments and Happy whacking …

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