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Random Post of Randomness


This is a new category where I will collect a few announcements – about either the website, Simpsons or tapped out – that don’t need one single post and compile them into one big post! Today’s random post is a few announcements, and questions about the website. So here we go …

1) I am willing to make an app whenever I feel like the website is popular enough. So I am asking you to share the word about this website. On every forum you visit (if they allow advertising – don’t advertise on TSTO addicts), on social media and on anything you can spread the word on. As soon as the website gets popular I am willing to make an app! First Question: If I made an app, would you download it?


2) I have had a lot of positive feedback about Cookie Kwans Design Help! I am starting to run out of ideas and don’t know what else to make! I have a few ideas which I will use sometime but … Second Question: What do YOU want me to design?

3) I also had some feedback telling me that you wanted to hear stuff you didn’t already get on TSTO addicts! I highly understand this and am willing to do original posts like Cookie Kwan, Frink Fact and WWW meeting. Third question: What other original posts do you want and does that mean that you don’t want posts like: Should I buy?


4) This Friday I will be releasing the results for the first WWW meeting poll. I will compile these results in a fun post but before then I want hundreds of more people answer the poll to give a more average results. If I don’t have enough results I won’t release the post! Fourth question (more of a plee): PLEASE check out the first WWW meeting (https://tappersunited.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/www-first-meeting/) and take the poll!!!

5) I know the people reading this have stuck with me through the early stages and I want to say a massive thank you!!! Fifth Question: To say thank you I want to unleash a competition soon but what would you guys like as prizes? Do you even need prizes?

Thank you so much for reading to the end of the first post of randomness! Please answer the questions in the comments or email me!!! Happy tapping!

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  1. Honestly, I don’t think any prizes are needed yet. Maybe half or full year anniversary.

    You could do a SIB. Addicts can be a bit unopinionated, so if you do yours with a more personal investment or an understanding of your audience, then it could be worthwhile.

    2 cents.

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