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Raphael Quest Walkthroughts (and new item!)

First some TSTO news:


There is a new item in store! It was arrived with a little patch earlier this day (that solved a a lot of glitches)! The new item – I believe – is a little sorry present from EA for all the Level 60 hassle. It is a new item that can be found in the decoration category. It also offers a 1% bonus – Not bad for a 35 donut decoration!

It is an Old West Springfield Sign that is offered at 35 donuts and leaves with the event takedown:


A quick Should I Buy:

A great decoration that looks amazing with your western area! Some people don’t like decorations but I love the design of it and have really wanted a welcome sign to go with my Old Springfield Area. So if you have got all the items you want from this event and want this item then I recommend getting it! But remember the Gil Deal will probably come back and it is a great deal in my opinion!

Now for the Level 60 walkthrough! In this post I will give you the dialogue, messages and tasks with all the Raphael Quests. Enjoy …

Card Handy Pt 1

Homer: About twenty levels too late, if you ask me.

Marge: I checked out when they introduced Bernice Hibbert as a “major character.”

Lisa: Aren’t you at all upset, Bart?! No more levels! The game’s basically over!

Bart: Pfft, it ain’t over till the donuts stop flowing.

Task: Build Googolplex
Task: Make Marge Cancel Plans for Her Giant Level 75 Party – 30m at the Simpson House
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


Card Handy Pt 2

Bart: So who’s gonna be the final character introduced in Tapped Out?

Milhouse: I bet they’ve been saving somebody really special for last!

Homer: Then you bet right! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the last Tapped Out character ever… uh, this guy!

Raphael: Hey, pallies!

Milhouse: Okay, now they’re just making up characters.

Raphael: No, I’m the wise guy! I’ve been in like seventy episodes! Also I played one of the bears in the Maggie event.

Bart:Can we just say that 59 was the last level?

Task: Make Springfielders Lose the Bet on the Final Character – 3h at the Googolplex (x5)
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


Card Handy Pt 3

Marge: Ever since we announced this is the last level, you’ve been flooding us with emails. So we thought we’d take a moment to answer some of your questions.

Lisa: “Dear Tapped Out: Will I get a refund for my unused donuts?”

Homer: Of course. Each donut will be refunded for its actual real-world value: zero.

Marge: Or you can use them to buy fun premium stuff!

Homer: All of which also has a real-world value of zero.

Lisa: “Dear Tapped Out, does this mean I can finally stop playing?”

Homer: Sure. While you’re at it, you should also stop drinking, gambling and chewing nicotine gum.

Homer: Then you can sit back proudly with all the money you’ve saved, and be REALLY REALLY bored.

Task: Make Lisa Delete Fan Mail – 8h at the Simpson House
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


Card Handy Pt 4

Wiggum: So Homer, if you could do it all over again and build the town from scratch, would you do anything different?

Homer: You know, there IS one thing I’d change. It’s my biggest regret. If I could do it all over again, I’d–

Homer: Oh who am I kidding? No one’s still reading this stuff. No one was EVER reading this.

Wiggum: The text in this game is just a mini-game, to see how fast you can tap to get through it.

Homer: It doesn’t matter what we say. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Wiggum: But blah blah blah blah blah.

Homer: You’re right. I will!

Task: Make Homer Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah – 12h

Loaction is at either of these buildings:

Writers Building, Sir Putts-A-Lot’s, Just Rainsticks, Municipal House of Pancakes or Simpson House
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


Card Handy Pt 5

Moe:So you’re the sarcastic wise guy, eh?

Raphael: Yup.

Moe: Doesn’t seem too sarcastic to me.

Raphael: That’s because I’m soooooo excited for how amazing this last level’s gonna be!

Moe: Really? It is?

Raphael: Yeah, it’s going to be as memorable as I am!

Moe: I think you might be joking.

Raphael: No, really! I’ve done such unforgettable jobs as security guard, arcade proprietor, even the cameraman.

Task: Make the Wise Guy Do Odd Jobs – 8h ANIMATED
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


Card Handy Pt 6

Raphael: After years waiting to get in this game, THIS is my big moment? I’m barely even in this update!

Moe: Please, that was the longest line you’ve ever spoken.

Raphael: Hey, I’m an important character.

Moe: Hahaha, that’s a good one. You’re finally being sarcastic! It’s nice to see you spreading some cheer.

Raphael: Yeah, cheer. I’m gonna spread a little cheer…

Task: Make the Wise Guy Spread Some “Cheer” – 4h ANIMATED
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


Card Handy Pt 7

Lisa: Dad, why are you burning all of your premium donuts???

Homer: To get the sugar. Now that there’s no more levels, the sugar’s worth more than the donuts.

Quimby: Whoa! The levels might be over, but the game isn’t.

Homer: Duh-wahhhh? What do you mean?

Quimby: There will still be regular updates featuring new characters and buildings. But everyone will get to play them at once, no matter what level they’ve reached!

Homer: …

Quimby: Pretty good idea, huh?


Lisa: Well, I think it’s great. We can finally take the game back from the 1%!

Homer: The 1%?

Lisa: The 1% of gamers who actually bother to play past Level 15. This new system will even the playing field!

Quimby: And best of all, the new levels will be subsidized for poorer players by a tax on the highest level players!

Task: Pay $1000 Tax to be Given to Lower Level Players – 2h at the Town Hall

You have to pay  Cash.png1,000 to do this task
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


Card Handy Pt 8

Blue-Haired Laywer: Tapped Out players: please be advised that the part in the last scene about taxing higher level players was a joke. You’ve been given your $1,000 back.

Homer: Ha! I knew this whole thing was a hoax! It was probably the April Fool’s update that accidentally got released early. Or late. What month is this?

Blue-Haired Laywer: Actually, the level updates ending wasn’t a hoax. There really won’t be any more. You’ll still be able to “level up,” but you won’t get any new buildings or characters by doing so.

Homer: So there are still “levels”… but all they are is a meaningless number?

Blue-Haired Laywer: That’s right. And as a sign of gratitude, you’ll also get a small prize.

Homer: …


SYSTEM MESSAGE: You have been awarded a massive monument of Homer for completing the first 60 levels of Tapped Out.


Task: Place the Homerlayas (a post coming soon about these)


Quimby: As thanks for his help rebuilding our town, Homer’s face will be forever carved into the mountains above Springfield.

Homer: Woohoo!

Lisa: But what about the environmental effects of carving the mountains? There could be an endangered species up there!

Quimby: You know Lisa, er uh, we were thinking of putting your face up there too.

Lisa: Really? Now that I think about it, I bet endangered animals would like living on carved mountains.

SYSTEM MESSAGE: Level up enough to unlock the entire family!

Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100

Googolplex Grand Opening

Raphael: I hope you didn’t forget about the Springfield Googolplex. You can go pay for movies now.

Raphael: All proceeds go to benefit the poor and needy living over at Springfield Heights.

Task: Watch a Movie at the Googolplex

Basically you can choose to “watch a movie” – it’s just a task like the Radio or Channel 6 centre – and it pays out different Springfield Heights Currency
Reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png100


S0 … that’s the full walkthrough of the quests that come with the fun new character: Raphael. Many more Quick Quest, Overviews and Walkthroughs to come!

So in the wise words of Apu …


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