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The Saga of Super Springfield: Chapter 2

Welcome to the second chapter of this fun new Simpsons fan fiction. Enjoy …

Welcome to the second chapter of this fun new Simpsons fan fiction. Enjoy …

Previously on The Saga of Super Springfield

The Sequel Squad gather to have there usual meeting. All of the adults are missing their power item – their item that makes them active and super! It seems like it is only the kids who can save Springfield If anything was too happen.

“Kent Brockman reporting live from the Springfielder riots, the town has gone crazy and all felons and criminals were mysteriously set free last night – Hey watch the hair – leaving us with the burning question … Who shall save us now? ”

Chapter 2

Special Thanks to Robobot for collaborating with me to write this story!

The Saga of Super Springfield Chapter 2: The Next Generation

Clobber Girl turned on the news on Stretch Dude pondered about the Springfield Riots,

“So … Who is going to save us?”

Lisa knew what to do. Everyone stared, hoping to find the answer, a voice of hope to save Springfield.

“We have to do it Bart” exclamed Clobber Girl “It is up to you and me to save crime … before it is too late!”

“*suck suck … suck suck*” sucked Bouncing Battle Baby. Which Translates to “What about me?”

“… It is up to you, me AND Bouncing Battle baby to save Springfield” Lisa sighed. They had to act fast. Lisa had to save Springfield and prove the adults wrong. They could do something, and she knew just what to do.

They were all running, or bouncing, and rushing to get there. They knew where they needed to be. They had to get to the prison and stop this mass breakout of havoc! The smoke soared high over the prison as the gang closed in on the destination.

Felons were everywhere. Evil was everywhere. The prison falling to pieces as the police trembled with fear, this loss of authority made them know … They could do nothing!

“You take the west side Bart” instructed Clobber Girl “I’ll take Maggie and we can cover the east!”

Bart spread his rubbery, indestructible skin over the many flames. Felons would attack but all they would do is bounce right off. There were too many though. How did this manic start? And who let them all loose? Sirens whirring, smoke rising and danger was increasing! Felons attacked from all sides and there seemed like no escape!

Clobber Girl was run, jump high and BANG! Wipeout the villains but they just kept coming! Bouncing Battle Baby would jump from villian to villain knocking them out until Clobber Girl would double check and give them a double dose of what they deserved!

“Evil just got an upgrade” Snake cried! But it wasn’t just Snake. He was attached with the best futuristic of metal, weapons, and protection. Clobber Girl had no chance. Snake drew his shooter, aimed …

Lisa knew it was the end. She sang her last prayer to every god she knew hoping one would let her into their heaven. She waited … And waited … She wasn’t dead! The heat rises as she knew it would hit any minute. Then BANG …

She didn’t die! How? Stretch Dude had clinged himself around around the girls. The warmth was not from fear but from his rubbery skin reflecting any bullets! The bullet bounced off Stretch Dude and soared hitting and knocking over Snake. He was only knocked out due to his hard metal protection but they had just enough time. Stretch Dude had saved them.

“Get off me Bart!” Clobber Girl demanded “I could have totally defeated him myself”

“In your dreams sis” Stretch Dude exclaimed in his sarcastic tone “We need to run. Come on!”

The clock was ticking. Snake would soon wake up and crime was going berserk. Then Old King Coal started to Blow Coal at them as they ran from the battlefield. They didn’t know where they were going, but they knew why.
Clobber Girl felt like a failure. “If we can’t save the city who can? The city is doomed, and it’s all because we’re not powerful enough.” Clobber Girl started to walk away sulking.

“Wait Lis! Look! ” Stretch Dude cried


“Bart I haven’t got time for one of those silly billboa …”

“No, not that. Could Mr Burns have done this?”

“Is he that evil?”

And with that a banner dropped from the billboard reading

… But that doesn’t stop up finding other ways to kill them off

“You’re right! But why would Mr Burns want to do it?” Clobber Girl questioned.

“He said he would one day seek revenge on Homer after many employees asked him to take his Halloween costume off” replied Stretch Dude.

“*suck suck … suck … suck*” Which Translates to “Maybe there’s a clue at the police station!”

“You’re right Maggie! How about we go to the Police Station?” Clobber Girl suggested “We can’t fight these felons on our own!”

“Especially if Skyfinger won’t pony up the donuts for Sciencewater!” worried Stretch Dude.

“You’ve been playing that Tapped Out game too huh?”

“But I’m an addict!”

Bart grabbed the nearest skateboard and started skating with Clobber Girl not far behind and Bouncing Battle baby bouncing along
side her. After plenty of exercise they reached the police station only to find a note on the door:

Police ‘busy’ please come back later unless your head is falling off otherwise get over it!

“Who is going to help us now” Stretch Dude asked.

“I could help” suggested a Voice in the darkness.

Who is the voice? Is it Mr Burns? Will they solve this strange case? Tune in next Friday to find out!

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