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The Saga of Super Springfield: Chapter 3

Enjoy the penultimate chapter of this super fan fiction series …

Previously on The Saga of Super Springfield

Homer discovers at the monthly Sequel Squad meeting that all adult superheroes have their power item -the item which makes them super – missing meaning all adult superheroes are inactive and Clobber Girl is told that girls can’t save Springfield.

Felons and criminals have broken out of jail and it is up to Clobber Girl, Stretch Dude and Bouncing Battle Baby to save the day! With a near death experience the elite team decide to try and solve the case of who could be behind the strange disappearance and prison break.

Then run to the Police Station but no one is there only to hear a mysterious voice saying that they could help …

The Saga of Super Springfield Chapter 3

Chapter 3


‘Who are you?’ questioned Stretch Dude.

“I am the one and only, Sidekick Milhouse’ exclaimed the voice.

“Oh … I wonder who your secret identity is?” said Clobber Girl n a sarcastic tone, “I will never guess the true hero behind Sidekick Milhouse

“It is I” Milhouse announced, “Milhouse Van Houtten”

“We know”

*Enter awkward silence with a few cricket chirps here*

“So …” Milhouse disappointedly said, “Aren’t we going to kick some criminal butts”

“Oh yeah” realised Stretch Dude, “That’s the reason we came here. To find clues to solve this mysterious case yet our findings help us in no way”

*suck* sucked Bouncing Battle Baby which obviously and simply translates to “See what I have to live with and they say that babies are the stupid ones”

Through discussions, arguments, agreements, disagreements they came to the solution to visit Apu. Maybe he remembered the person that brought the whole pie stock. If they found that out then it would solve the case! Ker Ching! But if only it was that easy …

“Good morning Apu” said Clobber Girl

“Three superheroes in my Kwik-E-Mart” welcomed Apu, ” In fact, just for you heroes I have a super offer on Datman pens: buy 1 and get 1 at 0% off!”

“Nooo thank you! We are here to discuss th-”

“We also do Tarantulaman” added Apu, “and Flosh, Wonderful Women and loads of cheap edited versions of branded superheroes!”

“We came in here to discuss pies Apu” Stretch Dude explained.

“Yes, we have a buy 20 get 1 free at the moment for all pies” offered Apu, “we do raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry, BlackBerry, Apple, Andriod –”

“Apu!” interrupted Clobber Girl, “Do you remember who brought the whole stock of pies this week?”

“They were wearing a blue hood and had a very annoyed tone. Didn’t reveal his face but it was definitely a man” concluded Apu.

“Let’s meet at the tree-house team” announced Stretch Dude, “To compile the clues and solve this case … Before it is too late!”

They ran through violence of riots breaking out all over Springfield! They did the best to stop most. Stretch Dude rounded up the felons where Clobber Girl would then smashed and shoke the earth sending out the ultimate ripple stopping evil.

Who would do this? Who wanted the ultimate revenge? Why were only the adults active? They needed to find out.

They reached the treehouse and decided to lay out there clues in the most British crime way. The only clues they had was the blue hood and the fact that he wanted revenge … especially on adults.

“If only we could find this hooded guy” Lisa said


“We’re trying to think Maggie” Clobber Girl silenced, “He can’t be far”

*suck suck*

“Be quiet Maggie” and with that Stretch Dude cried out:

“Look! A guy in a blue hood and he’s carrying pies!”

“Good spot Bart” Lisa applauded, “After him!”

*suck … suck suck* sucked Maggie with a huge sigh.

“Come on Sidekick Milh.. Milhouse?” Stretch Dude announced, “MILHOUSE? Where is he?”

“Oops” apologized Sidekick Milhouse, “There was a pikitchu in that corner”

“Oh, cool” a distracted Stretch Dude said, “Where?”

“Even Springfield is obsessed with Pokémon Go” Clobber Girl cried “Homer created a huge traffic jam when he stopped in the highway certain that he had found a Arcanine! We need to go. Come on!”

The chase was on! They had to catch this man. Springfield was in panic with riots, the case had to be solved and evil silenced. They ran but the man noticed, still with his face covered.

They didn’t know where he was running but they knew he knew. The man had a clear plan about his route, cutting corners, trying to lose them with turns. They had him in clear sight until suddenly … he disappeared. Cut a corner and then … gone.

They lost him and they also lost their hope. Maybe the adults where right, stuck in a Victorian mindset of being seen but not heard. Maybe children were never meant to be super. There was no chance. He could be anywhere now.

“We can’t prove them right” declared Lisa, “We must do this. For our familys, friends and Springfields!”

Bouncing Battle Baby bounced on the scent of the man. She had seen him running towards the power plant and lead the way. They sneaked past the sleeping guard and Clobber Girl easily smashed past the barrier and they were in.

They were closing in. Heart racing and curiosity pulsing. They ran down the stairs with the hooded guy closer by the second. He ran into a door trying to lock it but there was no chance. Clobber Girl smashed through the doors and …

“You?!” shouted Lisa

Who is it?! How and why did this do this? Tune in next week, same time to find out!

Any theories? Enjoying this fan fiction? Want to know about the myth behind the pokemon go picture? Tell us below … Happy tapping …

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  1. Felicia Fancy

    July 16, 2016 at 8:51 am

    Ooh! Exciting times!

  2. Simpsons rule

    July 15, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    It was Mr burn or smother or the collector also pokemon go is awesome

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