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Sci-Fi Event: What went Right and What Went Wrong 

Hi Tappers! Welcome to a new series called “Right and wrong” where I tell EA, what went right, and what went wrong with a event! Today’s Post is about the Current Sci-Fi Event!

 Read on! 

Right: Good Deals 

This event has had some amazing premium deals so far, with the amazing Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers deal in Act 1, and the slightly less (but still) amazing deal in Act 2 with Ladybot and Frink. 

Wrong: Wonky Crafting System 

I like Crafting somewhat, it offers lots of fun decorations for designs and the like. The problem with this events crafting is how wonky and clunky it is. You need to upgrade like so much to get one of the good items for some reason . Also, I still don’t get why Future Bucks are even in the event. I’ve never had to use them and I still have no clue what they do.  

Right: Fun Mini Game

I like this mini game. it really saves this from being a generic and tedious event (*cough* Wild West *Cough*) It’s a Taptacular Mini game in the style of Space Invaders but with Tapping! Back on the Subject of wild West, why was there no Shooting Tapping Mini game?! 

Wrong: Weird Daily Challenges 

I know this complaint is dumb, but I can’t leave it out! These daily challenges are weird. Instead of getting something I can actually use like Robot Parts, I get future bucks, which I have no idea how to use! 

Right:  Awesome storyline 

This event’s storyline was clever and funny, with a good inclusion of  Stephen Hawking. I don’t like when shows can just make an episode about gawking at a celebrity as a think it’s lazy writing, so it’s great that the first story with a celebrity didn’t fall into that of.  

Wrong: Missed Opportunity 

While what we got with this event is awesome, I can’t help but feel like there’s missed opportunity. Some notable missed opportunities are the inclusion of Zia Simpson

Robo Homer 

 Hugh Parkfield

 Adult Milhouse

 Jenda  (and Bart’s sons)

Cyborg Bart

Terminator Marge/Marge Bot 

And Linguo 

I know that this is a bit of a weird complaint, but I’m really hoping that the reason they’re holding out is for a sequel for next year like with the Superheroes event, As this is just a fraction of the future items that still aren’t in our games. 

So that’s Sci-Fi Event “Right and Wrong”. Comment below if you liked it! 

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  1. Good post. The futerbucks are for when you complete all the demo and you want more items you use futerbuck but nobody ever uses them. Look on addicts if want better explanation

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