So … It’s over. Now what? You will see a few changes in the game, that will explore in this post along with a hint of speculation.

So the first thing you will notice is that …

I can’t actually get into my game but I imagine this is just me or it will be fixed if it is more than me. 

SPOILERS AHEAD! The below items were set for today so will probably be updated with the takedown. But here is some early info. Sorry for the confusion

Here are the details:

  • They are both 30 donuts 
  • Both NPCs
  • Will leave the store 28th September.

My opinion: I really wanted the robot so because 30 donuts wasn’t that bad it was an instant buy, the drone wasn’t and won’t be. But really, it’s really up to you! If you really want them then get them but remember … Halloween and something else is lurking around the corner 👻.

These items are just somethinf to think about/have before the official takedown, which can be expected this afternoon (GMT), which will remove the event icons, prize line, splashscreen etc.

Now for a bit of quick speculation:

I mentioned that Halloween and something else is coming. Nobody knows what this ‘something else’ is and nobody know if it is even happening. I know a lot of us want some lull but I have a feeling something is coming before THOH. Here are the possibilities:

  • A season 28 promo
  • A Springfield Heights addition
  • A mini-event
  • A Gil Deal

EA has done a season premiere promo/tie-in every season so that is a very high possibility – I think we will probably see one. If one is to hit then it will be this week – probably tomorrow or even today!

There has been talk of a Springfield Heights addition but in my opinion that would be too rushed to fit it in between now and Halloween. I think an addition is likely, and needed, so if there will be one then it will probably be after Halloween.

We might as well discard the mini-event idea because the two weeks would clash with the expected THOH start – would be too rushed.

A Gil Deal or some discount update is most likely to hit the week beginning the 26th (week before Halloween), maybe this could explain the ‘outlet mall’ part of the takedown teaser we got a while back.

The above is all speculation. There is literally nothing to base it on but it is all for fun.

I will be back this afternoon when the takedown hits to give you all the takedown news. There will probably be a new teaser in the takedown description so I am excited for that.

What do you think is lurking round the corner? Apart from BigPhil, we CAN see the tutu! What do you want from Halloween? Want a Springfield Heights addition? Excited for Season 28? Want a tie-in? Please tell us below in the comments and Happy Tapping

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