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Sci-Fi: Takedown Time

What time is it? Takedown Time. It’s weird but a favourite part of events for me is the takedown – seeing Springfield go back to normal (ish!) and it normally bring clues hidden in the app store description. Most takedowns bring many changes (tiny or big) to the game, like the Superheroes 2 takedown bringing the permanent Monorail.

This post is too explain the changes with this takedown.

Not much has changed but here are the basics – I have not mentioned everything. Just the things that interest me:

  • The task ‘Attend mensa meeting’ is now also available for Stephen Hawking (3hr task)
  • unlock_stephenhawking
  • App icon, splashscreen is now removed
  • SciFighter is permanent – earns Springfield Heights and monorail currency (only Junk and Smart devices). After updated you will see “Continue scrapping bots in SciFighter to earn Rewards!”
  • Robot and Drone are NOW in the store for 30 donuts. Read the post here for opinion and some speculation.
  • unlock_robot
  • Instead of counting down an hour, the Big Digi Ben reveals the real time! I think this is awesome 🙂

Live on all devices!

What’s New in Version 4.22.5

The dimensional doorway has been sealed and Springfield is getting back to normal… well, as normal as possible. As the townsfolk get back to their daily tasks and characters from the future find a new home in the past, what’s next for your town? Write down what you’d like to see in your diary and then if you are right, feel smug about it.


So, something may be lurking before THOH. But what?. Speculate below and return to this blog to find out about current updates and Simpsons and TSTO fun! Happy tapping …

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  1. The link for your speculation about the robots just reloads this page…is that a time warp thing? 😉

  2. Not SFH I hope . Great post as usual. Thanks. 🙂

  3. I’m not going to update yet, I need more tulips!

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