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SciFi 2016: Act 1 Prize Guide


Springfield has gone SciFi for this new event cramped with awesome content including items in prizes. Like all events this event follows the same three act system. Each act is filled with fun prizes and in the post I will go through the information for each Act 1 prize.

Read on …

After unlocking Skyberdine Systems Army of the Five Monkeys Pt. 1 will start. Find the walkthrough of the quest here which is the Prizes questline that tasks you to unlock and place each prize with each part.

Prize #1 – Skyberdine Systems Building

Skyberdine Systems.png
Cost: 1,600 Matter.png

Dimensions: 5×9
Payout:  $300 & 50XP – 24hrs

Extra Details: Sgt. Skinner has a permanent 12hr task there along with a 1 part questline – when the building is in use (By Sgt. Skinner) then the top lights light up.

Prize #2 – Future Duff Sign Decoration

Future Duff Sign.png
Cost: 6,500 Matter.png

Dimensions: 1×5

Extra Details: The Duff wording flashes which is a constant animation

Prize #3 – Simpson’s Hover Car Decoration

Simpson's Hover Car.png
Cost: 12,000 Matter.png

Where did it come from? Future-Drama – origin post coming!
Dimensions: 5×3

Extra Details: Lights flash and the engine stutters (like in the episode 😉) when tapped like in the episode.
Shame it doesn’t drive or move – was hoping for the addition of moving/floating cars in this event

Prize #4 – Holo-theatre Decoration

Cost: 18,000 Matter.png

Dimensions: 4×4

Extra Details: When tapped Itchy & Scratchy come up and try to kill each other (funny!)

They will stay up until you tap it again to make them go down.

Prize #5 – Sgt. Skinner Character

Cost: 24,000 Matter.png
Unlock Screen:

Character Collection: Interdimensional Travellers

Sgt. Skinner is a full character that comes with a questline (find walkthrough here under Sgt. Skinner’s Robot Parts Club) which has 5 parts and at the end of the questline you will have a full set of tasks.
Here is the full set of permanent tasks:

As mentioned previously he also has a permanent 12hr task at Skyberdine Systems.

So there you have it the big guide to Act 1 prizes instead of loads of little posts. Do prefer one big post? Like the act 1 prizes? Looking forward to act 2? Enjoying the event? Which is your favourite prize? Go on … tell us below and happy tapping …

I am camping for a few days so comments and admin stuff may be a bit slow to be approved ~ thanks


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  1. Great post Sam. I love the new format it makes sense to have all the prizes together.

    I am about 2000 away from Sgt Skinners with 3 days to go so I should easily make it.

    Have a fan time camping!

  2. Hey Sam ♡ Happy Camping!
    Sgt. Skinner is actually 24,000 🙂

    I like the format of all the prizes covered in one post ☆☆☆☆☆

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