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Sci-Fi event is live!

Fasten your seatbelt for a science trip through dimensions unlocking new and fun characters, buildings and features. Yes that’s right … the event of my dreams is here: a sci-fi event! Content looks fun and let me work through it before I update this post with more news.


Status: live on all devices!

I can’t play the game at the moment due to WiFi issues so here are some images and basic info to help you play:

Images very kindly provided by DrewDabble! 


Holo-Large Hedge – 💵1500

Holo-Small Hedge – 💵500

Black Hole – 10🍩 You can place multiple and they now have a bonus! Buy, buy, buy!

 Soul Extraction Institute – 100🍩 – Unlocks Roboburns and Doggie Smithers.

Giant Robot – 75🍩. Earns 3% Bonus on all cash and XP

Springfield of Tomorrow Sign – 35🍩

Robot Salvage License – 90🍩. Like most events have this is the consumable that doubles neighbor rewards – tapping on robots in neighbors towns.

The Polyvac, which later unlocks a mini-game, and Stephen Hawking are unlocked for FREE for the Part 1 of the questline. And I thought he would be offered at a hefty price tag!

Crafting is unlocked when you place the 3D printer for Build Me A Solid Pt 1:

The usual 3 act system:

Event summary

A sci-fi event with a new mini-event, items but the usual system. Tap robots and do tasks of the questline to gain Dark Matter (event currency) to unlock prizes.
Simple Version:
Tap robots + do tasks = Dark Matter = prizes

The rest you can work your way through. Easier to understand by playing through😊
Sorry for the lack of info and text but it is hard to write a post about something you haven’t unlocked yet! LOL

Enjoy the update, work your way through it – very self-explanatory, and happy tapping science sky fingers …

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  1. Really excited about this event so far. Thanks for the updates.

  2. It out on kindle but not andorid come on android

  3. Why always iOS I need update

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