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SciFi Mopup: event ending soon

The portal is nearing closure and event icons, items and robots will soon disappear! Whether that’s a good thing is a matter of opinion. I was looking forward to the event end, not because I don’t like this event – quite the opposite – because it means Halloween is near! This is a quick post is to warn that this event is ending in less than 24hrs. This post is to also mop up final items, whether you should buy them before they go, and overview what you should do before the event ends. 

Read on …

What will happen with the event end?

  • Main questlines will go – But questlines for craftables, items and prizes are permanent.
  • Store items will leave and will be replaced with a few “souvenirs” more on that tomorrow.
  • Robots will probably still walk around but they probably won’t drop event currency.
  • The prize line will go.

Stuff like icons and the splashscreen will change with the app store takedown update.

And now onto the very quick overview on the Act 3 Store Items so you knw whether to make those last minute buys:

Give Apes the Vote Billboard – 15 Donuts
XP and stats aren’t that goos but it was an instant buy because it made me laugh! If you want another billboard in your town or just want to laugh then get it. Otherwise, pass.

Rocket to Your Doom – 80 Donuts
Pretty expensive for a building. Doesn’t help with the event – would be too late even if it did – but design looks cool and when in use the animation is unique.
If you will have a use for this, theme park area, or love this then get it but it should be a pass.

Home of Tomorrow w/ Chester Lampwick Bundle – 160 Donuts, 60 Donut Rebate so net price 100 Donuts
With a net price of 100 donuts this should be an instant buy for a decoration, building and character combo! However, if you don’t have the 160 donuts to pay first then don’t frant about it.

Home of Tomorrow– 40 Donuts
Can buy multiple of these buildings. Nothing special. Easy pass unless love or have use for it.

Returning items

Cremo-Bot – 30 Donuts
Love or hate. I saw no use for it and didn’t like it so it was an easy pass. Basic decoration – animation when tapped.

Hover-Copter – 70 Donuts
Not worth your sprinklies. 70 donuts is very expensive so unless you really want it pass with ease 😀

Find the Act 3 prize guide here to help you out with prizes.

And that concludes the quick mopup! Remember the event ends 8am BST (9am GMT) tomomorow (Tues 20th Sep.) so tappa tappa tappa to get to the end of what you want and wait. Remember … Halloween and Season 28 are just around the corner (Excited!!!).
Happy tapping …

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  1. Just spent the last of my future bucks on stuff I don’t need. Now debating whether to pick up some holo-flower hedges to finish off any sci-fi designs?!?

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