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SciFighter: the leaderboard

Hello all, loving the event so far and a fun new feature, that I hope they keep permanent unlike the Casino Games, is the SciFighter mini-game. Look out for a future guide post about this new mini-game but for now I am popping in to do something that we like to do.
With most events or updates that include a mini-game we like to give you guys a leaderboard to get competitive and have fun! Wanted to put this up early so that people could improve scores and keep trying to get number 1.

How does it work?
Simply post your highest score from the SciFighter into the comments – a screenshot is nice – and then if you make the top 5 spot you will be added 😉

Because I am the first to enter I will add my username and score of 52 first …


1STSimpsonsRules – 59!
2cd … Tied between – HappyTapper (me), MAB the Great and Brooders – 52
3rd … 
4th …
5th …

So go on … get competitive in the comments and post your score below! Once you post your score you can of course try and beat it – photo evidence isn’t required but is good. Comment below and happy tapping …image

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  1. 52!
    (Not sure if the pic will show but, if not, evidence available upon request)

  2. Most robots so far is 51. I usually get in the forties with the flash, but around 35 without a flash.

  3. 45, can’t do better atm.

  4. 52! I used a load of flashes to get there…but I can’t seem to get anywhere near it again! 🙂 Good luck everyone ♡

  5. I got 59 if I higher I post screenshot

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