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(Secret Agents 2017) When EA could have done more …

Hello guys and welcome to a post when I ramble with a “glass half empty” attitude (*GASP*) and look at the times when EA could have done more. Confused? In this midst of this Secret Agents event there have been many times where I’ve looked at an item and had different reactions, all having the theme of “wow, EA could have done more with that”.

Because this is a Secret Agents edition, I am only covering times when in this secret agents event EA could have done more. Read on …

I am going to try and slide away from giving some big review on this event because I hope to do this in a future post or YouTube video but I need to get this out … I’m not the biggest fan of this event. *sigh* Glad I got that negativity out! I feel like whilst the overall theme of this event is very cool, the actual items have blink and you miss them appearances in the show and this annoys me. Going on from the idea that most items have very minor appearances in the game, I feel like this event was a stretched out idea that could have easily been condensed nicely into a mini event.

So with EA try to pad out this event, they seem to have added items that I feel would have been more prominent in other update … leading nicely into the topic of this post. Let’s start this ramble on with …

Image result for college nerds tsto

The College Nerds – these nerds came into the game as a Gil Deal for this event. And whilst you could create a link between nerds and spies (hacking, I guess), a secret agents event definitely wasn’t my first update idea for these much requested characters.

Yes, I completely understand that this could be EA teasing us for more to come AND this definitely doesn’t mean EA won’t do more in the future but it seems sad for EA to “use up” (in effect) these characters for this spy event. I still want a College event based around the hilarious “Homer goes to Collage” episode with the Dean, Physics professor, University buildings, University wall and other items from that episode …

Homer goes to Collage

File:Russ Cargill.png

Russ Cargill and other Simpsons Movie items – A few of you may know that I really liked the idea of a Simpsons Movie event – probably due to my love for the movie and the potential I saw with the likeable and hilarious additions FOX made with characters and new items. However my opinion has changed ever since this event hit and we got … Russ Cargill, Dome Drill, EPA van and even added the Screamapillar pond which was an addition I made to my Simpsons Movie event submission for the Addicts contest.

The point I want to make is … WHY NOW EA? Unless they are subtly teasing us for a Simpsons Movie event, the EPA seems like a really random subplot to the spy themed event. The point that I’m trying to make with all of the items I mention in this post is that I feel a tad annoyed that I don’t see them in other events where they would be more prominent. I’m not the biggest fan of this event due to this reason. Also the items that are directly and obviously spy themed are blink and you miss them appearances in episodes and the items that are more prominent, in my opinion, feel like they are just added for fillers through a side plot that EA have somehow pulled off.

They could still do a Simpsons Movie event. Of course they could because I still want my boob lady and Harry Plopper 😀 …

Simpsons Movie

File:Maude Praiseland Statue.png

Praiseland Statue – I know that this item is not actually for the Secret Agents event and that it’s part of the Easter segment BUT it is embedded in this event so I’ve included it.

For starters I want to say that unlike a lot of people that have said “How is this Easter related??”, I disagree and will reply with “Can you come back with how Shary Bobbins, Blocko Store, Mojo the Monkey and the Crazy Cat Lady are Easter related?” (which are all items that came with Easter updates) because a statue in a theme park about Christianity for a holiday with the crux at Christianity seems like a perfect addition. So … I guess for this item I’m not ranting about its significance of this item in the update, it’s more that EA could do more. And they should! I actually have a Praiseland mini event idea for a YouTube video so I won’t spoil everything but the episode “We’re going to Praiseland” is perfect for a Praiseland addition for the game due to items like Praiseland Entrance, Whack-A-Satan and funny religious based rides …


The addition of these items, of course, doesn’t exclude the more obvious update ideas from happening, it just feels a shame that when the updates arrive, IF they ever do, they will come as returning items and not new items – which I don’t know why it kinda annoys me.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please tell me below, in the comments, if you did because I was hoping to do a “When EA could have done more …” post for general items from previous events :D. Thank you for reading this far, have a great day and Happy Tapping …

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  1. I try not to complain about the “quality” of the events. I mostly complain about how many there are !!!

  2. I think that the mix and match episodes worked really well in Destination Springfield but this time not so much.
    I haven’t disliked this event but I don’t think that it has been amazing, maybe a few mini events would of been better?

  3. Unhappy Tapper?! *shock horror* 😀

    Totally agree with all of the above…

  4. Interesting points. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Well done Sam.

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