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Hello Guys! I started my blog about a month ago! I started with the address and it got a bit popular but with the support and help of Tim (Over at TOuk) he gave me a new domain (YEAH!) to have fun with! The site is slowly becoming more popular but we need the help of you guys to spread the word (on every social media, forums etc that you are ALLOWED to)! With a new site comes new glitches/questions so in the post I will answer some of the questions/problems about the new site!

How do I follow this blog (via email)?
Yes sorry guys! It is now a fixed problem! If you scroll right down to the bottom of the site then there is a black box with a few widgets in them (this is currently being updated…) but I have added the chance for you guys to follow this blog via email! So go and follow …

How do I follow this blog (via WordPress)?
This is still am outgoing problem! I am constantly trying to find a solution but keep hitting a dead end! Will update this when you can …

Why do I have to register again?
You don’t. Just enter the same details you do for TopiX or Addicts and your details should pop-up and you should be in the system and not have to login again (unless you used incognito mode)!

How do I get back to TOuk?
This is a pretty self-explanatory solution! Either …
1) Press the back button on the top bar of your browser
2) Click on the drop down menu and click on “Tapped Out Homepage”

Those are all the questions that have been most common but of you have any more  questions/concerns that comment and I will add it and try and answer it!

New Blog Series
Remember those teasers for a blog series that I said I would start on Monday … Well been a busy bee and forgot so the series is postponed untill further notice!

I am constantly trying to make this site better with plugins and widgets that make this site easy to use but cool to visit! A very simple feature that I have added is to share a blog post on social media! Scroll down to the end of any page/post and there is an option to share with stuff like Twitter and Facebook! Spread the word people …

When I do update the site I will inform you! Got any questions/concerns then comment below and be sure of a reply or answer in the post! Happy Tapping …

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  1. simpsons rule

    May 5, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    So how coach gag contest going

  2. Simpsons rules

    May 5, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    OK let spread the word try tell people on facebook and instergram and twitter and addicts and topix and Snapchat and tapped out website and people you see and play the game

    • tappersunited

      May 5, 2016 at 5:19 pm

      Yep! Tim is constantly advertising on social stuff! So the more the merrier! Only post stuff that let you advertise! TopiX and addicts would rather you only advertise on open threads otherwise it is spammy! 🙂

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