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Speculation: App Store Forshadowing! 

Hiya to  Skyfingers and Tappers Alike. The Superhero Sequel Event has ended, and as usual, it’s time to decipher the App store message! 

Here’s the message (Thanks to TSTO Addicts for the Image 👍) 

So that one image has ton of info! Put on your thinking caps, because it’s time to…  Decipher! 

(Note: This Post is Speculation From here on out, the Speculation could be right, or wrong, only time, I mean, Tim, will tell! 😜) 

What could “Random Summer Sports” Mean? 

Random Summer Sports could mean .. ..  A Return of Tap Ball Items!

 Think about it, we just got A Superhero Sequel, and a Return of Monorail items. It’s the summer of sequels! The “Random Set of Summer Sports”  could mean that after the next Summer Event happens, there could be a Return of Tap Ball items! 
What could” An Invasion by doppelgangers from another dimension” mean? 

An Invasion by doppelgangers from another dimension could mean…… This year’s Halloween Event will be based on the THOH 25 Halloween Story: The Others! 

Think about it “Doppelgangers”?” From Another Dimension”? In the Season 26 Halloween Special, the third and final story Is called “The Others”, where the ghosts of the classic Simpsons from the Tracy Ulman Show, haunt the new Simpsons. The story ends with ton of different variations of the Simpsons coming. (South Park Simpsons, Anime Simpsons, even Minion Simpsons!) 

I really hope my idea is true because I would love to see Classic Simpsons in Tapped Out. I would also love to see Minion Simpsons, Anime Simpsons, etc

 They could also include that weird Wanted Poster Version of the Simpsons from “The Simpsons Movie”. 

What could “The Arrival of a Brand New Outlet Mall”  mean? 

The arrival of a new outlet mall could mean…..  There will be a update featuring the Ogdenville Outlet Mall, and that update could be a tie in to the Episode “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield”!

Think about it,” Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield” has a ton of stuff they could add to the game! Here’s a list 

  1. Ogdenville Outlet Mall (Building) 
  2. Britney Brockman (Character) 
  3. Evelyn (Character) 
  4. Chanel Suit Marge (Skin) 
  5. A Return of Brandine 
  6. And more! 

Once again, I hope my idea is true, because I think it would make a really good mini event! 

So that’s my speculation post. What do you think of my ideas? Want to see more Speculation Posts? Comment Below! 

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  1. Pretty accurate about the Tap Ball items and event.

    Possible about the doppelgangers and THOH.

    I’m thinking Springfield Heights 3 expansion for the mall.

  2. Awesome ♡

    I love speculation on what’s next! A return of tap ball would be fun 🙂

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