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Spoilers: New Facebook Teaser!

Roll up, Roll up for your latest TSTO news arrived unexpectedly recently today! EA just released a teaser on Facebook for the future event and it sounds amazing. Read on …

Post includes spoilers of upcoming events and possible content!

The Teaser:

“A special guest is rolling into town! And it’s not Albert the World’s Fastest Man! Be ready for science, robots and more in an update coming soon”

The silhouette is exactly like Stephen Hawkins and with the clues “Roll in” – wheelchair reference – and the talk of science, we know that Stephen Hawkins himself is coming to town. 

The man himself has appeared in many episodes – some just cameos – and appeared in: 
“They Saved Lisa’s Brain”
“Treehouse of Horror X”
“Don’t Fear the Roofer”
“Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!”
“Elementary School Musical”
“Behind the Laughter” and …
The Simpsons Movie

He would be the first guest star in TSTO – characters like Milo don’t count because they didn’t play themselves they were just voiced by guest stars!

So you can see that despite being extremely influential to the world he also deserves to be in TSTO because of his many Simpsons appearences. I would love to see him have tasks of “blasting off” in his wheelchair and I can’t wait for what EA has in store for us.

With the talk of Science and Robots I just hope that something big, new and exciting will arrive – for the OS limit – like a Time Travel feature! I could keep speculating … What features would you like to see?

I believe the event will hit Tuesday (or Wednesday) as that is when they can start to have fun for the OS limit.

So… what to do?

  • Tomorrow, keep characters on short tasks! The essential, early level characters (Krusty, Homer, Lisa, Cletus etc) will probably be needed for event tasks.
  • Save up the donuts! Events always give us new and returning items – fun in store for us … Coming soon!
  • Be patient 😊

I believe that there will be 1 more teaser and that could hit tomorrow with more news for this upcoming event! What do you think it all means? Excited? I am! Excited for the first guest appearance in TSTO? Tell us below … Happy tapping …

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  1. I suppose that I’m always excited for the next event, but I guess I have to say that I am excited about this one, extra. I missed Future Passed (whatever it was) event/episode tie-in. I hope this has everything I could wish for and more in a future-based event. Hoverboards maybe? Deloreans? 😉 Okay, well, you know, not just BTTF, but everything they can get away with.


  2. Sooooo excited about this! 😀

    • Me too! Look out for a teaser as I have a feeling that there will be another one this afternoon.
      Sounds like a really fun event and the addition of Stephen Hawkins will be amazing!
      Hoping for Bender

  3. When is the next quest

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