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Springfield Games: Closing Ceremony (Showcase and Overview)

EA released a teaser late last night for an upcoming event. Find more info here

Cue lights, dramatic entrance and massive audience because it is time for the Springfield Games … Closing Ceremony here at TOuk Blog! Tonight we have:

  • In game “performance” from global stars – a russian mascot and an American sloth!
  • Showcase of what people have don’t with their Springfield Games items
  • Overview of the Springfield Games!

Read on …

To kick start our ceremony we have a 1hr dance from Fatov and Homer

~ To view short and funny dance unlock Fatov and do his joint animated task with Homer

Wasn’t that fabulous? We won’t have the Ghostbusters creator back for the Closing Cermony but we do have the … Springfield Showcase …

I love to see what everyone can do with some odd and fun items. Designing is a favourite aspect of the game and seeing everyone’s unique design and personal perspective is amazing!

A lot of these entries are from tapped-out.co.uk of close friends. Find them all here.

From the one and only … Open Thread opening champion … Lee3472:

From an amazing town, creator Erika, we have her Games Stadium:

From FeliciaFancy’s town of fun we have her item screenshots:

From fellow writer and friend Robobot:

From 1mrsquimby’s town:

And from my blog boss (*gulp*) and new, proud owner of TOuk we have the Brooders shot:

Put us a link of your Springfield Games items, in your towns, in the comments and see them up on here

So there you have it … The short and sweet overview of The Springfield Games!

Overall I think the Springfield Games has been a fun mini-event filled with fun items to create areas for unique designs. Some fun new features added – pin collecting and betting – and a fun Olympic based questline with a  funny dialogue!

24hrs before the mini-event ends! – This post was live for the 24hr warning.

Collect those last minute prizes, make those store decisions and work through the main questline before all the above leaves Aug. 16th (tomorrow) 9am GMT (8BST)

So get tapping! And rememeber about the OS limit:

Happy tapping …

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  1. Be afraid Sam, very afraid. Brooders IS the boss. LOL.
    Like the post Sam. Great getting a peek at others Games designs. I should really do mine ….one day. 🙂

  2. I feel I need to work on my Olympic area … I just put it in my Christmas area as I my only other space was being used to farm KEM. I’d better do it quickly before the next event starts which doesn’t leave me long … hopefully!

    Great post Sam …. I love the Homer and Fatov dance

  3. So lovely to see everyone else’s towns Sam ♡

    Great post! Cheers 🙂
    The boss *giggles*

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