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Springfield Heights: Quadruple the “fun”!

It’s Friday and what better way to kick start it then with a helpful 4× bonus to help with the grind. Just a quick post really …


When you log in today everything that pays out Springfield Heights resources will pay 4 times it’s original cost.

This includes: Googolplex, SciFighter, Chiliad mini-game and the original resource giving buildings (eg. Coffee shop)

So if that isn’t big enough motivation to play games and grind then I don’t know what is. If I get time I will be doing a post on the maths of SH grinding – as a diary entry of how I have done. Really determined to get Billionaire Haven soon!

So go on … Grind! It may take a while but I find it kind off fun to do – distracts me from the thought that Halloween is near. Tell us your stats and how you are getting on in the comments below. Happy grinding tappers …

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  1. Aagghh! Nothing to upgrade … just lots of decorations I don’t want 🙁

    What happened to the emoticons?

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