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Yesterday the much anticipated 600th episode information was released!

It will be the annual Treehouse of Horror (abbreviated to THOH) episode split into three segements. It will be THOH XXVVII and will air on October 16 2016, the usual THOH date, as the 4th episode of the 28th season.
The theme throughout the segments are “satire of dystopian movies” which sounds very promising.

The episode will open with different evil characters trying to kill of Simpson family members hopefully in a ‘long but epic’ couch gag!

The three segments plots will be:

  • Mr Burns makes Springfield completly dry when he eviley controls the only water.
  • Sarah Silverman, one of Lisa’s younger days imaginary friends, starts killing her actual friends go seek revenge
  • A James Bondy spy themed segment, with stereotypical accents from, Kingsman: The Secret Service where Moe sets up a secret service to try and create order on this world.

Really excited for segment 3 due to my love for spy mmovies and I can’t wait, and slightly worried, to see how they portray the Kingsman: The Secret Service accents as I loved the film.

The episode will then end with the credits alongside a bond anthem sung by Jedith Owen – wife to Harry Shearer – to close the episode and celebrate the 600 episode milestone.

The promotional poster shows the family in halloween outfits in a horror style poster with a hunger game style Maggie in the centre
The family outfits were announced as …
Homer wearing a Bender outfit
Marge wearing an ice cream cone outfit
Lisa wearing a recycling vin outfit
Bart wesring a raptor outfit

Al Jean joked “We’re excited because it really is the 600th episode. It’s not one of those cheats where it’s really 602,” referring to some “milestone” episodes where it wasn’t actually the exact episode number.

He also said “It’s a big show people look forward to, Even though it’s [episode] 600, it’s still exciting for me. I never feel like this is an old show. I feel that if this was a show that started last year, people would be excited about everything that’s going on.” Portraying that this will be a great episode but they aways are no matter what the milestone.

Huge possibility for a tie-in/event etc!

So thats all we know about the upcoming milestone episode! We will be back as soon as we hear more and with a rundown of extra news we hear about The Simpsons at Comic Con 2016 on Wednesday. For now … Happy Tapping …

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