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Springfield Showcase: Announcement

Hello Tappers,
I would like to quickly apologize for the brief absence from the blog – been away this summer a few times and have really procrastinated writing BUT have loads of really cool ideas so keep your eyes peeled. Anyways …

TSTO is a one of a kind apps where I feel design is 100% user friendly and it truly lets you go free with your creative ideas. The reason I’m not a fan of other “city building” games like the Family Guy game (which has other major flaws in my opinion!), Sims CityBuilder and other building apps is because of the lack of freedom they give you with the design. They give you loads of decoration and buildings and the only “freedom” is where you place them. So yes, you can create some nice looking areas but with TSTO you can use hedges to create mountains, fences to create custom walls, bushes to spell words and there is SO much space for the player to take the decorations that they’ve been given and turn it into some bigger and impressive.

That’s why I wanted to create a space for players to humbly show-off areas of their towns which they are proud of. If you are a TSTO neighbor of mine then you know that my town is an absolute mess that I’ve barely worked on so seeing loads of creations will hopefully inspire me to stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT! So how does this “Showcase” work?…

First of all let me just plug Tapped Out UK

Tapped Out UK is an amazing community website where people – all players of TSTO – get to chat about the game, the show and other interests. We all share the passion for tapping and love to go off-topic and have a lot of fun. It’s very well looked after by Mrs Brooders (the boss!) and other tappers so it’s completely safe and we love sharing our passions and what’s going on in our games. Tapping becomes a lot more inclusive and fun when you involve a community and I love being a part of TOuk. It’s completely free to join and I’d recommend joining, adding an avatar icon and saying Hi in a little introduction – we’d love to welcome you in to our little madhouse. You can CLICK HERE to join 🙂

So why talk about TOuk? Well I’ve set up a Springfield Showcase thread that you can (at any time!) post an image of an area that you are proud of and it really doesn’t matter how it looks in comparison to what you’ve seen other people do. Do you like your arrangement of buildings in a certain theme? Used a certain item in a clever way? Created something using 2D or 3D design? Anytime you’d like to share a screencap of an area of your town, head over to Sam’s Springfield Showcase and post a picture.

Well, How do I do that?…

Well of course there will be loads of people happy to help over  at TOuk if you have any problems with anything but, just for reference …

1) Head on over to Sam’s Springfield Showcase

2) Click on New Reply

Sam's Springfield Showcase

3) click the CAMERA icon to add your screenshot to your “reply” and you can even give a little description about what you’ve done


4) Then press Submit and BISH BASH BOSH – your work is done!

You can also post your image in the comments below by using a photo uploading site and if you wanted to get to the Showcase page, quickly, from the blog then there is a link on the horizontal menu with “Springfield  Showcase” that you can use at anytime.

AND … Every SECOND Friday of every month I will be compiling on new screenshots from the Showcase thread or comments into a blog post to inspire tappers and create a link between TOuk and this blog. There is no theme for the area of the town you get to show-off but around holidays (Christmas, Halloween etc.) I may ask for some specific designs or showcase some of my favorite designs for that specific event.

So … I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations and I really hope people get behind this. Enjoy the rest of the summer and Happy Tapping!


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  1. I’m really excited about seeing everyone Showcase their favourite designs 🙂

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