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Springfield Showcase: October Spooky Edition

Hey guys and welcome to an October Edition of Springfield Showcase where I post all the Halloween related screenshots uploaded to Sam’s Springfield Showcase over at TOuk. I announced SSS (Sam’s Springfield Showcase) recently and got some really fun screenshots posted and even though this “spooky” edition wasn’t posted on Friday the 13th, I hope you can still be inspired by some of the amazing tappers over at TOuk.

If you want to get featured in this monthly showcase then make sure to make a TOuk account and post over at the SSS – ALL details on this post. But for now, here we go!…

A FANCY message from Felicia

A FANCY message from Felicia

BigPhil's Area of Madness (TOuk)

BigPhil’s Area of Madness (TOuk)

BigPhil's "Follow the Orange pumpkin Road" :D

BigPhil’s “Follow the Orange pumpkin Road” 😀

Brooder's Witches Cat - love this!

Brooder’s Witches Cat – love this!

Brooder's 2D Halloween

Brooder’s 2D Halloween

Brooder's Cabin in the Woods

Brooder’s Cabin in the Woods

DaPimp's Area of Evil

DaPimp’s Area of Evil

DaPimp's "That time of the month"

DaPimp’s “That time of the month”

FeliciaFancy's Hell

FeliciaFancy’s Hell

FeliciaFancy's Castles

FeliciaFancy’s Castles

Make sure to check out THIS post to find out how to be featured in next month’s showcase and I hope this post has proven that you can have a little bit of fun, if you’re finding this event boring, through design and having fun re-arranging Springfield. Try to enjoy this event and Happy Tapping! 🙂

Here’s a fun little watch …




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  1. Brooders – your 2-D art is amazing! I’ve been enjoying them every time I visit your town. I curious though…what’s you process for creating them? Do you plan it out on graph paper first, or do you just do it freestyle?

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