The criminals will leave. Comic book trees will fade. Questlines end and prizes vanish. Yep, that can only mean one thing! 24hrs until the end of Superheroes 2

What does that mean?

  • Comic book style will be gone: tree’s will go back to normal and the font will change from comic to the classic. Although this won’t leave until the takedown update which could be hours or days after the event end
  • All main questlines will go! All questline unlocked with prizes or store items will remain so leave those aside for now and tappa tappa tappa to reach the end of the main ones
  • Criminals won’t die until the event event end but currency means nothing
  • You won’t be able to craft or gain prizes so store up on craftables as trading cards mean nothing after the event so use them all. You never know when you might need a random craftable you brought

So that is what we are certain will happen (main questlines, prizes and crafting won’t be available) but the rest we will find out when the event ends and with the takedown update.

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Happy tapping all …

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