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Superhero Sequel tEAsers …

Some Tapped Out news fellow tappers but before I continue you have been warned that …

This post contains SPOILERS! SPOILERS AHEAD! Read on for your pleasure …

I am super hyped up for the upcoming “suped-up sequel”! EA just released a new teaser for this fun upcoming event! Now that the first teaser is up we know that this is the next big thing, likely to hit soon after the Chilliad end, and I can not wait!!!

In this post you will find every tEAser for the Superhero Pt 2 upcoming event so I will update this as they come with a short analysis of what they mean! Enjoy …

Wild West takedown – App store teaser
English Version

Here: The duels are done and even the ghosts have left this ghost town. With everyone settling back to normal, what could be next for Springfield? A suped-up sequel? A new take on an origin story? An ominously foreshadowing political thriller? We’re not sure yet because Gary accidentally took his work computer on vacation. Not cool Gary!

French Version

French Translation: Western duels ended and even ghosts have left town. Life seems to take its course in Springfield. For real? No! Because Superhero is back with a scenario to taste away! And political shenanigans to no end. Finally, if Gary does not forget to save the new update. Hey Gary?

10th June Facebook teaser

“Superheroes never die, they just wait til their reboot. Coming soon to an app store near you: the Superhero sequel you didn’t know you wanted but will still wait through the credits to see!”


This teaser is simply telling us that it will be a sequel to the Superhero event coming soon!

So … Keep your eyes peeled on this post to get the latest tEAser news!

Excited for the upcoming event? Any views on a sequel? Any fun ideas of what they could add? Get hyped and wait before Springfield goes super soon (we hope *crosses fingers*)! But for now enjoy the Chilliad and Happy Tapping …

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  1. Hey last superhero event was massive so this time this superhero event is going be really massive and I got lots of donuts

  2. Simpsons rule

    June 12, 2016 at 8:13 am

    Hey Sam look up the kindle version that a massive spoiler of what happens

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