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Superheroes 2 Event Items

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batma … I mean … BARTMAN!


With Springfield battling with a team of good and bad, new items hit the store! Most previous events have items hitting at the beginning of each act and then the odd random item hitting throughout whereas this event spreads the content around the event!

Reasoning is so that people continue to play the event! With previous events people rush the questline and get all the items they want at the begging of each act and then don’t play until the next stage, but with this tactic people have to play throughout to receive the items that they want! Sneaky EA!

In this post get an exclusive item calendar telling you the basics of when items hit and then get detailed information right after the jump …

Post contains SPOILERS

The item calendar is below but please note that:

– EA can change when items hit/don’t hit at any time!
– This calendar explains the basics of what days items hit for full time and info read on past the calendar
– For each issue there is a small heap of new content that will be added at the beginning! Due to the lack of space I have not included this items but full info, of what hits at the beginning of each issue, is below!


So here are the details …

Items that will be available from the beginning to the end of the event The majority (2/3) of freemium items 🙁

– Rad mobile $10,000 – Returning
– Fruit-Bat signal $5,000 – Returning

– Sequel Squad Membership consumable (doubles neighbour rewards):
Issue 1 – 90 donuts
Issue 2 – 60 donuts
Issue 3 – 30 donuts

Issue One
Items that start any time in Issue 1 but could finish any time

For whole of issue 1 (14th – 28th June):
– Basketball field 60 donuts

14th June – 26th July:
– Wholesome and Sons 80 donuts
– National Bank of Springfield 80 donuts – Returning
– Fruit-Bat man 90 donuts – Returning from “Dark Knight Court” episode tie-in

15th June – 30th July (end of event):
– Satellite Station 160 donuts

16th June – 30th July (end of event):
– Citizen Solar and Wind lad combo 140 donuts

20th June – 28th June (end of issue 1):
– Tar Pits building/character combo with Petroleum Rex 175 donuts – Returning

22cd June – 29th June:
Gil Deal: Springfield Asylum 200 donuts!

Issue 2
Items that start any time in Issue 2 but could finish any time

28th June – 4th July:
– Crap Silo with Plopper 100 donuts – Returning
– Burns State Prison 90 donuts – Returning

28th June – 5th July
– First Bank of Springfield 60 donuts

28th June – 12th July (whole of Issue 2):
Aqua World stuff:
– Aqua World Fuel Tank 35 donuts
– Aqua World Prison Tower 30 donuts
– Aqua World Fishing Platform 40 donuts

– The Fracker 120 donuts

3rd July – 12th July
– Super Jeb 25 donuts – Returning
– The Collider 100 donuts – Returning

5th July – 16th July
– Coolsville with Milo 150 donuts

Issue 3
Items that start any time in Issue 3 but could finish at any time throughout the event

Beginning of Issue 3 – End of event (12th July – 30th July):
– The scoutmaster 120 donuts
– Bartman vs Radioactive man bundle 230 donuts – Returning
– Separate bundle items:
– Radioactive Man
– Kane Manor
– Bartman
– Bartman Cave
– Radiostation Air Fortress 225 donuts – Returning
– Zenith City Phone Booth $50,000 – Returning

13th July – End of event (30th):
Bastille Day
– French Flag with Charcoal Briquette Bastille Day Craftable

14th July – End of event (30th):
– Lobster Island 70 donuts

16th July – End of event (30th):
– Death Mountain with Dr Colossus 120 donuts
– Beach House unknown price

20th July – 26th July
– Fallout Boy Milhouse Trailer 40 donuts

So … Did you find the calendar helpful? Need images of items? Looking forward to anything? Any opinions on the event so far? Then please tell us below and Happy Tapping super sequel squad!


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  1. Felicia Fancy

    June 18, 2016 at 9:39 am

    I can see that I am going to spend a lot of donuts this event!

  2. Very nicely done! I’ve always been one of those players that likes to obtain all of the limited items as soon as possible for fear of losing out on an item. I would still play, but getting ‘everything’ at the beginning removes an irrational fear factor for me so that I can concentrate on enjoying the event.

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