Super Skyfingers assemble for an all-new issue for this super sequel! In my personal opinion I think that Act/Issue 2 seems to always be there best Act/Issue of any event and there are some great items in store for us throughout this issue ,that I am really excited for, so read on to find out information about issue 2.

Issue Currency
This issue you will have to collect image(Soilant Red) by tapping criminals, battling, doing daily challenges and tasks

Trading cards and gems are carried over from Issue One as battling and crafting is eventwide however there will be new crafting items replacing the previous issue’s craftables.

Crafting Items

– Zenith City Times
960 trading cards

– Zenith City Combo: Zenith City Penthouse, Zenith City Offices
960 trading cards

– Zenith City Billboard
335 trading cards

– Giant snake in a tree
835 trading cards

– Aqua World Wharf
2,415 trading cards

We don’t like to do questlines but click here to find the Issue 2 wiki walkthrough. Here are the basics though:
Who you will need…

You will unlock Soliant Red Factory as a free item in the first part.
Then you will need maximum of 10 Springfielders throughout the questline.
A maximum of 5 sequel squad members and then specifically Fallout Boy and Pie Man as the story progresses.
Other characters needed later on in the story: Apu, Moe, Skinner, Quimby, Lisa.

Below are the items that hit with Issue 2. If you want a rundown of the other items that hit throughout Issue 2 then click here (contains spoilers!)

This area is in construction please be patient.


Aqua World Fuel Tank – 35 donuts


Aqua World Prison Tower – 30 donuts


Aqua World Fishing Platform – 40 donuts


The Fracker – 120 donuts

Returning Items



Crap Silo w/Plopper – 100 donuts


Burns State Prison – 90 donuts

Robobot is working on All You Need to Know posts!

The Platinum Scratch-R is back!

Yes, that’s right! It’s back, the gambling bestseller that is back by popular demand.
Here is the dialogue you will see:

Platinum Scratch-R Part 1
Apu: By the many arms of Vishnu! These Superhero fights are destroying my store! Where am I going to get the money to fix it?
Apu: Maybe there’s something I can sell in the basement. I found that skeleton once that the medical school made me a pretty rupee for!
Apu: Look at that… a platinum Scratch-R! Stuck to a box of wieners from 1957. I should sell this!
Apu: …and quickly adjust the expiration date on this box.

When the tapper has read the part 1 dialogue …
Platinum Scratch-R Part 2
Apu: Now I’m being sued for all the food poisoning those fifty year old wieners caused. Where will I find the money for that?
Apu: Look at that… ANOTHER platinum Scratch-R, stuck to a box of 100 year old wieners!
Apu: I’ll sell this, and maybe even find another. I wonder if they made hot dogs 150 year ago.
System Message: They didn’t. This is your last chance to get a Platinum Scratch-R!

If you have the money, are willing to give money for an app, and are desperate for donuts then take this opportunity!

The future of Issue 2
Obviously this section includes SPOILERS about what is coming in Issue 2

Super Jeb statue, The Collider and Milo & Coolsville are programmed to arrive in Issue 1 (find specific dates here)

Quick Battles is a feature arriving on the 3rd July and our guess is that it means that you pick your fighters and it does it all for you!

Phew … That was a big job! Hope you enjoyed the mega rundown and enjoy this issue! What do you think of the issue? Still undecided on your opinion on the event so far or do you already have a strong opinion? Looking forward to anything? Surprised to see Dr Crab return? Or did you remember the original superhero event?
Tell us below in the comments as we love hearing your opinions and comments … Happy Tapping 🙂

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