Super Skyfingers assemble for an all-new issue for this super sequel! Issue 2 just left, Robobot did a great review here, meaning that the final hurdle is the third issue. The last issue of this event is filled with fun and surprises. With good prizes, great items and a fun and surprising questline. Read on to get a mega rundown of all Issue 3 info …

Issue Currency
This issue you will have to collect (Crab Juice) by tapping criminals, battling, doing daily challenges and tasks

Trading cards and gems are carried over from the whole event as battling however there will be new crafting items replacing the previous issue’s craftables.

Crafting Items

113px-zenith_city_returning_pack.pngZenith City Store Front, Zenith City Apartments, Zenith City Lofts – 945 trading cards

150px-tapped_out_botanical_garden.pngBotanical Garden – 945 trading cards

113px-tapped_out_atomic_bomb.pngAtomic Bomb – 170 trading cards

75px-tapped_out_bent_over_lamppost.pngBent Over Lampost – 170 trading cards

Zenith City Mailbox – 170 trading cards

75px-garbage_cans_pack.pngGarbage Can, Green Bin, Zenith City Bin – 170 trading cards

75px-tapped_out_hero_clothesline.pngHero Clothesline – 210 trading cards

75px-tapped_out_high_voltage_transformer.pngHigh Voltage Transformer – 335 trading cards


Painted Horse – 790 trading cards

We try not to do questlines here to be unique however we highly reccomend going here to find the Issue 3 questline.

If you don’t want spoilers then don’t read the questline claw combat because that is the boss fight walkthrough! May want to leave that for a surprise

However … We do provide the basics – the small bits that you simply need to know when playing through:

For the first part you will need Fallout Boy, Lisa and the Collector for an 8hr task each and then you will need 5 of the sequel squad for a 4hr task. Followed by a total of 8 sequel squad characters for 4hr tasks for the third part and for the final part you will need Homer for a 12hr task.

After the completion of Part 4 of the epic-ture, the issue 3 quest, then another questline arrives which involves a few villian characters and sequel squad characters


There are only a very small amount of items that hit with Issue 3 thats because many more items hit throughout! Get the info on what items hit when on this post



Scoutsmaster – 100 donuts

Returning Items


Zenith City Phone Booth – $50,000 (in-game cash)

Robobot and I are working on All You Need to Know posts!


Image Name Cost
First Aid Kit.png First Aid Kit: Tapped Out Band Aid.png20 TSTO Crab Juice.png5.600
Tapped Out X-Ray Truck.png X-Ray Truck TSTO Crab Juice.png16,850
SH2 Sciencewater Pack.png Sciencewater Pack: Sciencewater Bottle.png6 TSTO Crab Juice.png28,100
Bouncing Battle Baby.png Bouncing Battle Baby TSTO Crab Juice.png45,000
TSTO Spirography Factory.png Spirography Factory TSTO Crab Juice.png61,900
Dr. Lenny's Lab.png Dr. Lenny’s Lab TSTO Crab Juice.png78,800
Dr. Crab.png Dr. Crab TSTO Crab Juice.png103,600

The future of Issue 3
Obviously this section includes SPOILERS about what is coming in Issue 3

Lobster Island, Dr. Colossus, Death Mountain and Milhouses Trailer will be released throughout! More info here

Bastille Day brings an expensive crafting combo of Charcoal Britiqque and the French Flag

After logging in on the 19th July and if you have completed the A Crab in a cage questline then the boss fight questline will start which you can find here and going down to the quest Claws Combat!
After the completion of the boss fight then you get a FREE building: dead lobster restaurant!

Hope you enjoyed the mega rundown and enjoy this issue! What do you think of the issue? Excited for anything coming? Opinions on the event: sad/happy to see it gradually leave?

Tell us below in the comments as we love hearing your opinions and comments … Happy Tapping 🙂

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