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Springfield Showcase: Announcement

Hello Tappers,
I would like to quickly apologize for the brief absence from the blog – been away this summer a few times and have really procrastinated writing BUT have loads of really cool ideas so keep your eyes peeled. Anyways …

TSTO is a one of a kind apps where I feel design is 100% user friendly and it truly lets you go free with your creative ideas. The reason I’m not a fan of other “city building” games like the Family Guy game (which has other major flaws in my opinion!), Sims CityBuilder and other building apps is because of the lack of freedom they give you with the design. They give you loads of decoration and buildings and the only “freedom” is where you place them. So yes, you can create some nice looking areas but with TSTO you can use hedges to create mountains, fences to create custom walls, bushes to spell words and there is SO much space for the player to take the decorations that they’ve been given and turn it into some bigger and impressive.

That’s why I wanted to create a space for players to humbly show-off areas of their towns which they are proud of. If you are a TSTO neighbor of mine then you know that my town is an absolute mess that I’ve barely worked on so seeing loads of creations will hopefully inspire me to stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT! So how does this “Showcase” work?…

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Superheroes Part 2: ITS ALIVE!

Mwa ha ha! Superheroes is alive in our Springfield … again! With a fun and new sequel!


New skins, characters, buildings, battle system (exciting!) and more awaits for you!
At the moment it is just live on IOS on IOS and andriod so get down to the play store and have fun

I work on andriod so I will have to wait until then but for now Happy Tapping …



Homer’s Chiliad the basics (with new policy!)

A new update deserves a new banner (look above) and with the new banner and update comes a new policy here at TOuk Blog! So read on to find out the basics for the fun update and what we pledge to do for you …


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