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What event shall I write about?

Dr Nick

Heya¬†everybody, hope everyone is feeling well and surviving Monday so far. EA has given us this Military update in the unexpected form of a mini event. Whether I like it or not is up for another post but, as I count these mini updates as (easy-going) background fun, we have a bit of lull before the next “BIG” thing.

So … I wanted to do something that I keep saying I’ll do and that is share event ideas. I have so many event ideas and I always want to share them but I barely do and it’s a shame so I will start to do more event ideas in between events and maybe a few in events 😁.

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Gil Deal Feedback

I did a survey about the site so far (make sure to take part here) and a few of you asked for polls about updates and deals! So here is … The Gil Deal Feedback!
So as you guys know, there has been a Gil rebate donut deal that has had mixed reactions!

This is a post for you guys to take some polls to see what you think of the Gil deal so far! Remember the deal ends 19th April (8:00 GMT)




So now thats the gil deal. I think that EA are going to release an event (hopefully the badland event) after the deal but what do you think?


Enter all the polls and be sure to get all the final items that you want but remember to save those donuts as EA is known to release big events after deals like these, but for now Happy Tapping!


Cookie Kwan Asks You!

I got a lot of positive feedback about the Cookie Kwan Design Help! I was glad to hear this as this was the most fun post to make! Hearing about this feedback I want to make more posts! I have so many design ideas but I don’t know which one you will prefer. Enter the poll below so I can see (and you can see) what I should do for my next design post!

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