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The origins of: Milo and Coolsville

Super Skyfingers assemble. New and old superheroes and villains unite in the first time ever sequel event. Good fights with evil to stop the forces of Dr Crab. Fingers worn out from fighting felons? Donuts making a hole in your pocket? Superheroes on 24/7 animation fest? With all events come new quests, dialogue, prizes and items. Most items and prizes –apart from the Tapped Out exclusives – have an origin whether it’s a one hit wonder or recurring feature.

Milo and Coolsville is a combo released on the 5th of July at the price of 150 donuts. For more info on the combo and opinions on whether to buy it then click here or the picture below


In these posts we explore where a selected item or group of related items came from in our favourite cartoon ever!  Read on for a detailed origin post …

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All you need to know: Milo & Coolsville

Super Skyfingers assemble for a new Superhero sequel! With all events come new prizes, quests and a mixture of premium and freemium items. These posts are to cover all the helpful information you need about a selected item/collection of related items all in one post.

Today we cover a building and character combo that arrived, as put in the files, yesterday at 8 BST. So read on to get an exclusive video on unlocking and owning this combo along with the stats, facts, origins and opinions on whether you should own it …


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Superheroes 2: Issue 2 Rundown


Super Skyfingers assemble for an all-new issue for this super sequel! In my personal opinion I think that Act/Issue 2 seems to always be there best Act/Issue of any event and there are some great items in store for us throughout this issue ,that I am really excited for, so read on to find out information about issue 2.

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All You Need to Know: Citizen Solar and Wind Lad

Hey There Super Skyfingers! Today, I will be telling you, all you need to know, about Citizen Solar and Wind Lad!


Citizen Solar and Wind Lad, are the Climate Based Superhero Duo, who sometimes fight alongside Radioactive Man, with Varying results. They are available as a Bundle in our games, for 130 Donuts.

Citizen Solar and Wind Lad In The Simpsons:

Wind Lad and Citizen Solar

Citizen Solar and Wind Lad, appear in the episode “Married To The Blob” Where Radioactive Man, needs help to fight the Fossil Fuel Four, so he calls on the help of Citizen Solar and Wind Lad. They can’t help, because it’s too Cloudy for Citizen Solar, and people Don’t like the noise that Wind Lad makes. They also appeared as Action Figures in the episode “Opposites A-Frack”

Citizen Solar and Wind Lad In Tapped Out:
Citizen Solar and Wind Lad are In The Collection “Superheroes”, they both are tech type, they can both Fight Felons, and they both can earn currency at the Burns Summer Mansion. They also have a 5 part questline together.
Their animated tasks:

Final Verdict:
For 65 Donuts each, they both are there own character, they both can earn event currency, and they both can fight Felons. Their animations are adorable and I love watching them on their funny tasks! Even their indoor tasks have names that crack me up! I might even say these guys are the best deal of the whole event. Grab’em!

Have you gotten them yet? What’s your opinion on this duo? Comment below!


Superheroes 2 Event Items

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batma … I mean … BARTMAN!


With Springfield battling with a team of good and bad, new items hit the store! Most previous events have items hitting at the beginning of each act and then the odd random item hitting throughout whereas this event spreads the content around the event!

Reasoning is so that people continue to play the event! With previous events people rush the questline and get all the items they want at the begging of each act and then don’t play until the next stage, but with this tactic people have to play throughout to receive the items that they want! Sneaky EA!

In this post get an exclusive item calendar telling you the basics of when items hit and then get detailed information right after the jump …

Post contains SPOILERS

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The origins of … Issue 1 prizes

Faster then a speeding bullet a new “suped-up sequel” hit our games last week meaning that new items, quest-lines, dialogues and of course prizes hit our tiny towns!
In this post we explore where Issue 1 prizes came from and then if relevant we delve deeper into hidden references and fun EA or Simpson writers have embedded into our games!
So continue to whizz back and forth through seasons of the to explore Issue 1 prizes origins!

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