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Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart Chapter 2

Hi Scientist Skyfingers! While the Sci-Fi event has just hit, it’s still Friday, so that means, another chapter of “Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart”! Last Chapter, the Simpsons Crashed into the Kwik-E-Mart, and Apu hired them as unpaid workers the pay off the damages. Read on! 

*BEEP!* *BEEP!* *BEEP!* 
“Homer, what is that awful sound? It’s only 6 o’clock in the morning!”  said a disgruntled Marge Simpson. 

“Apu said that us workers have to showup at exactly 6 o’clock. I had the perfect plan. Heh Heh heh….. D’OH! 

Marge then said “I still don’t get Why you have to work for Apu anyway. What happened?”  

Homer had a battle in his mind. Should He tell Marge the truth? Luckily, Angel Homer on his left, and Devil Homer on his right were ready to help him. “Tell Marge the truth, she’s very understanding”. Said Angel Homer on his left. Devil Homer said “No, Don’t do that. Just lie like you do in the later seasons.” Homer said” What seasons? Winter?” Devil Homer said” Look, just lie!”, and then he slapped Homer, and Homer fell out of his trance. 

“Gotta go Honey, see ya later, bye” said Homer Quickly. He dashed downstairs, and got the tired Bart and Lisa, and rushed them into the car.

 Bart said” what a minute. …  Does this mean we get to miss school? Yes!” Lisa said” is this legal dad? What about child labor laws?” 

Homer said” I’m not a lawyer Lisa. If I was I wouldn’t have to work at the Stupid Kwik-E- Hey we’re here!” The Simpsons got out of the car, and walked into the store. Apu said” You are already 12 minutes late! You’re lucky that the Kwik-E-Mart was so close to your house, or it would’ve been 20! Anyway, Lisa, I want you in the back calculating profits, Bart, you’re on Squishee Machine Duty, and Homer, you’re on register. Go!” 

The Simpsons scrambled into positions, and around 7:20, Milhouse walked into the store. He said” Ooh  Bart, you’re working here! That means that you get free Squishees right?” Bart had messy hair, and corn syrup on his face. In a deadpan and upset tone, he said” No.” 

Milhouse said” that’s too bad, May I have a Squishee? You can have some if you want.”

Bart Said” No thanks. Now that I know what they’re made of, I don’t think I’ll be able to drink them again.” *shudder*

Milhouse said” Well, can I still drink them?” 

Bart said” Go nuts”, and gave Milhouse a Squishee. Milhouse left the store, and Skinner walked in. Skinner walked up to the register and said 

“I would to buy the new extra strength Binocularsfor birdwatching.” Skinner bought the binoculars and left the store. A little bit later Moe walked in. 

He Went to the register and said “I would to buy the new extra strength Binoculars”. Homer said” oh, are you going birdwatching too? ” 

” Yeah sure, Birdwatching.” Said Moe with shifty eyes. He then ran out of the store . 

A long and boring shift later, the Simpsons were cleaning The store for the night. Lisa said” today was horrible! The drunks from Moe’s walked into my work Area 3 times and kept ruining my calculations!” 

Homer said” and Apu put a chip into my neck that shocks me every time I sleep on the property”  

Bart said” you think that’s tough? Managing the Squishee machine is a Ton of work.”

The Simpsons Punched out, and walked out of the store. As They were walking to the car, Bart saw a figure Spray Paint the side of the Kwik-E-Mart. Bart thought to himself” maybe if I caught that vandal, We could escape the Kwik-E-Mart”! 

Who is the mysterious vandal? Can Bart catch him/her before the unthinkable happens. .. ..  Another day at work!? 

Find out next time! 

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  1. Great installment Robobot. I did laugh when I read Mow buying the binoculars… I could just picture his shifty eyes!

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